Authors and supporters

Hello friends.

I am looking for self published authors who would like the chance to give a reading, talk to library users,  and help promote their works.

I cannot give dates or times yet, however, my local library was extremely supportive when I pitched the idea of helping to advertise and support self published authors.

As I am based in Ipswich, UK, I am hoping that there is at least a little interest in this activity.  We were thinking about running it alongside a wine and cheese evening.  If you are a children’s author, then please get in touch as well, as we can arrange something for children to attend.

If you are interested, then please email me detailing your name, and pen name if appropriate, genre, book title(s) buy from page, for those who use print as well as eBooks, and a small bit about yourself.

I really hope I can generate interest, help some of Dad’s followers/friends/fans, and help boost your sales too, as we are interested in actually buying your books, for our users to enjoy, and hopefully introduce into the mainstream Suffolk County Council Library systems.


9 thoughts on “Authors and supporters

  1. A quick heads up….

    For those who have emailed me, thank you, and I will answer you directly over the weekend, what with work being work and such.

    Thanks to those who have reblogged, in order to spread the message.

    bamauthor; maybe try creating a “friends of…” group for your local library. A group that helps to raise funds, hold events etc. This way, it gives you a jumping off point for starting something similar to what I am trying to work on.

    Another thing I may try, if the “live” event is a success, is a Skype chat, or something similar, FaceTime maybe.

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