KidLit Past and Present – Recommendation List

I’m interested in compiling a list of books for children, both those old favourites and modern works.  The list will be divided into age ranges, of course, and I intend to apply a top age of 16 years.  Now, this is where you come in!  I would like this list to not be mine.  I would like it to be a list of recommendations by many.  Below, you’ll find a special contact form.  If you complete the fields in the form, I will add your recommendation to the list.  More, I will include a link to your blog/website!  There are some rules, of course:

  1. I won’t accept any recommendations of your own books!
  2. I won’t accept any link to your own books instead of a link to your blog/website.  For example, an Amazon Author page is fine, but not an Amazon book page!  Facebook pages are okay, but only if they are proper pages, not personal profiles.
  3. You may opt out of providing a blog/website link but you must allow the inclusion of your name!  You may provide either a real or ‘pen’ name.
  4. Out of print books may be recommended but this status must be mentioned.

Please be careful!  Please only include genuine children’s books!

Finally, please only use the comments on this post for actual comments.  Please don’t put your recommendations there instead of using the form!

Thank you all.

~ Steve

6 thoughts on “KidLit Past and Present – Recommendation List

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