The Man of Steel: Superman and the Poisoned Planet: A Review

A book review for NetGalley, from a free copy provided by the publisher:

The Man of Steel: Superman and the Poisoned Planet

Matthew K. Manning

Capstone Young Readers


Well, what can I say?  This book is just such an absolute disappointment.  I’m not given to being negative, but this really does call for it, even at the price being asked – $5.95 USD.  I used to love reading comics.  I also developed an appreciation for the quality of the artwork.  Now, this book is being touted as a potential big seller with the new Superman movie coming out shortly, Man of Steel.  If that’s the reason for its publication,m then it’s sheer profiteering.  If you have young, unfussy children or grandchildren, please – oh please! – keep them away from this book!

The book is not a comic book!  It is text with illustrations.  That was the first, and biggest, disappointment.  The text is a fancy font, in large print, and is not particularly well written.  The illustrations, while they may be in full colour, are dreadful, being so simple that it’s like comparing Hannah-Barbera’s Yogi Bear with Disney’s The Lion King!  All in all, I simply can’t find any redeeming features about this volume at all.

This, I fear, qualifies as an epic failure.  Number of stars?  Please, don’t ask (how, after all, can you give negative stars?).

~ Steve

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