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It is a great truth of the modern world that there are still more readers than eReaders!  Some Indie authors don’t have their works available in print format, however, which means that those without eReaders are excluded from exploring the works of these authors.  As a result, I have listed below all the eReader software/apps that I could find, some of which I have used at some time.  One, Calibre, is much more than just an eReader – it provides for building libraries and converting between ebook formats (where no DRM restrictions apply).

Adobe DIgital Editions (ePub and PDF, DRM handled):
Windows version download
Mac version download

Adobe Reader (PDF only):
Windows (XP and above) (N.B.: this page includes the option to also download and install McAfee Security Scan Plus.  This is selected by default!  It is an excellent security add-on for your browser but if you have a problem with speed, you may wish to deselect it.)

Kobo Desktop (ePub & PDF, DRM handled):
Windows version download
Mac version download
iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch download (you’ll also need iTunes)
Blackberry download

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (ePub & PDF, DRM handled):
iBooks download (requires iTunes)

Barnes & Noble Nook (ePub & PDF, DRM handled):
Windows version download
Windows 8 version download
Windows 8 Tablet download
Mac version download
iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch download
Nook Kids for iPad download
Android Smartphone download
Android Tablet download

Useful Tips Section

Calibre (virtually any format but cannot convert formats when DRM applies!):
Windows version download
Windows 64bit version download
WIndows Portable download (USB stick install)
OS X version download
Linux version

Amazon Kindle (MOBI & PDF, DRM handled)
I’ve left this until last:because of the way Amazon works!  If you own a Kindle (of any flavour), you need to download the Kindle app for your device from your locale’s Amazon store!  Go to the Amazon.com information page to learn more!

Note that if you have certain other devices, including Kindle-supported tablets and smartphones, then they will register on Amazon as Kindle ebook devices when you install the appropriate app, which again means that you need to use your own locale’s store.

Most of these sites also offer an online reading option, using your browser.  Some online reading systems, however, can be slow and clumsy to use.  They also, of course, take bandwidth and contribute to the consumption of any data limits you may have on your internet supply package.  Some other sites also offer browser-based eReader systems, usually those offering ebooks or online library facilities.

If you have used any other eReader software, I would be very interested to hear from you!  Obviously, it’s impossible for me to try every one of these apps.  I would be interested in any feedback on your experiences with them.  You can leave such feedback, or suggestions for other eReader software/apps to include, in the comments below.  Thank you!

2 thoughts on “eBook Reader Software/Apps

  1. Hi Steve you are a wealth of information. Is it true that if you do not have a Kindle or Kindle supported device like an iPad that you cannot download the Kindle app? I have an Android phone and it came with a Kindle in it. I did not use this Kindle until someone sent me a book that would only go to Kindle format. I activated this Kindle and then added an app to my iPad now it works. If all you had to do is download a free app, Kindle would not make any money on selling Kindles, right?
    Thanks for all your support and likes on my blog. I sincerely appreciate it.

    • Hi Janice 🙂 Absolutely anybody can download and install the Kindle app. You don’t need a Kindle. In fact, it can be less confusing to not have a Kindle LOL. I do know that some versions of the app on certain devices have had problems but they are updating constantly so difficulties are fixed very quickly. All you have to tell Amazon is what device you want to download ebooks to. I have the PC, an android tablet that has died since, or an iPhone/iPod. Amazon are sensible enough to know that they won’t corner the market completely and they can sell plenty of ebooks to people who don’t have Kindles 😉 In fact, they probably sell more to those than to Kindle owners 😀

      It’s my pleasure 🙂

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