Authors: An A to Z of my Favourites

It has come to my mind that we can learn a lot about others from what they read.  I decided that it would be of some potential interest  to readers of Imagineer-ing if I gave this information.  At first, I thought about doing book titles, with a brief note against each, but realised that that would take forever!  Apart from anything else, I’ve had over forty years of reading, accumulating favourites all along.  Add to that the new favourites I’m discovering, and you might just get an inkling as to the number of books involved!  So, I’ve settled on on creating a list of authors instead.  That should be (marginally) smaller.  Each will have a note attached, which may reveal which writings I like and which I don’t.  I suspect that, as the list builds, so it will demonstrate that I have definite genre preferences but I still have a fairly eclectic taste in books.  Naturally, as we move up into my most recently acquired favourites, it may be that ebooks will put in an appearance.  I will try to indicate which books are ebooks,

I hope that you find this index interesting, and perhaps feel encouraged to try some of the authors/books mentioned.  If you do, I would love to hear from you as to whether you:

  1. enjoyed those books,
  2. loved them, or
  3. disliked them.

Do please come back and check from time to time, as the list will grow!

~ Steve

3 thoughts on “Authors: An A to Z of my Favourites

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  2. So far Steve, they’re authors I know and like except for Anderson and May. Like you, I tend to avoid ‘dark’ content. Real Life seems dark enough to me, without needing to read about it for entertainment: but I’m pretty much on my own in this among my friends and relations at least.
    In the novel I’m working on I realise that there are some tough episodes but they’re short and end well. for the good guys at least.

    I’d add, I really like this site!

    • Poul Anderson can be great fun – especially Three Hearts, Three Lions. Julian May can be very dark though. In fact, she’s like many female authors I’ve read lately, who include some passages that I can only describe as grossly perverse. It’s a shame as she’s a gifted writer and she really doesn’t need to include such scenes 😦 I find it strange, too, it’s female writers who are producing such things. Sadly, darkness seems to predominate these days. I admit that I do have it in some of my works, but, like you, I try to keep it brief and ending positively. TV dramas are just as guilty of it. We watch trailers and I think, “No way! Everybody looks so depressed!”, so I see very few modern programmes.

      Thank you so very much! 🙂

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