Vulcan 607: The Most Ambitious British Bombing Raid Since the Dambusters by Rowland White

Vulcan 607: The Most Ambitious British Boming Raid Since the DambustersVulcan 607: The Most Ambitious British Bombing Raid Since the Dambusters by Rowland White

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An amazing story of triumph over incredible adversity. A tale of courage and endurance, driven by an act of aggression which saw British soil invaded for the first time since the Second World War. Rowland White writes in a superb style, charting not only the superhuman efforts to get ageing RAF Vulcans ready for their longest, most daring mission ever, but the events that were taking place in the background, in locations from Britain to Argentina. The tale is spellbinding. The fact that it is a true story makes it all the more astounding. If you want a thrilling read, this is it! Rowland White writes about his subject so well that this must surely become a classic, and will surely enthrall all readers, not just those with an interest in military history.

~ Steve

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