Jennifer Raygoza: An Author Interview

I’m delighted to welcome Jennifer Raygoza, author of The Guardians, to Imagineer-ingThe Guardians is described as “Sexy and entertaining, this book is for mature vampire lovers.”  Jennifer challenges you not to fall in love with her two principle characters, Gianna and Caleb.

Jennifer Raygoza When did you first discover the desire to write was so strong in you?

I used to write a lot of poetry when I was in High school. It was a way to get pain or sadness out. I could never express my emotions as good as I could when I wrote. I still write better than I speak.

Do you usually write in the same genre you tend to prefer to read?

I am a sucker for a good romance but it usually has to have some type of weird circumstance like a forbidden love or supernatural relationship mixed in with a crazy storyline. I just love that combination of the both. So I guess you could say – yes it is what I prefer to read. I do have a book on the back burner I started, that is a little off course of what I would usually read.

When reading, do you prefer traditional printed books or eBooks?

I love traditional books only because I hate the bright white light in the background, but I am becoming used to eBooks. I love the convenience of eBooks. Books are there at the touch of a button.

Have you been influenced and/or inspired by another writer, or writers?

I am always reserved to answer this question only for this reason. I loved Stephanie Meyers work but every time someone hears I wrote a vampire book I get this – “I love Twilight” and I think to myself me too. I just need people to understand my writing is my writing.

Do past or current events in your life have an influence on your writing?

I do think so. I have been through a lot in my life and those events have helped me grow. It has helped me learn what I like in a person or character and what I don’t like. Every moment has brought me one way or another here to writing this book. My books are fiction. I want to provide a fantasy. I want readers to enjoy the book and forget about things for a little bit. We all need some type of an escape from life whatever it may be.

Have you got both printed and digital books published?

Just digital currently but I would love to have print one day.

Do you try to write to satisfy what is fashionable, or do you write pieces that you would want to read?

I honestly could care less what is fashionable. I write what I love. I think if you are writing about something you have no interest in, how can you put your heart into it.

How do you fit writing into your life? Do you have set times for writing?

I have two young kids so writing can be difficult. I try to write when they are at school or sleeping but sometimes I nod off at the computer myself.

Do you keep every jotting of ideas, just in case they might be developed at some later date?

This is actually funny because I used to write ideas on the back of a check book when I was driving to work. Sitting bumper to bumper traffic will do that to a girl. I do jot down ideas now and save them for later. They are always at random times like when I am cooking or taking a bath. My brain is a busy place. Sometimes it’s hard to shut it down.

Do you write freeform or do you faithfully plan every piece meticulously before you start on a piece?

I write free form. I let places, characters, faces and everything else just come to me.

When writing, most authors now use a computer of some description. Which do you find more satisfying: writing using any means available, using a computer, using a typewriter or using a pen/pencil?

I love using the computer but my neck and shoulder do not agree.

Have you ever been somewhere and discovered a copy of a book that’s extremely difficult to find, and drooled over the discovery?

I have not but I know that feeling of finding something you have been looking for forever. It’s like you just saw a magical unicorn.

If you’ve had books published in print form, have you ever come across a copy of one of your own books by accident?

That doesn’t apply to me but honestly I am a goofball. I would be like holding it up in the air telling the store how amazing the book is.

What is your greatest ambition in writing?

I would love to keep writing books for anyone who enjoys my work.

The Guardians by Jennifer RaygozaWhere can readers find out more about your works?

Here is the official site for my first eBook available on Amazon now.

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