The Song of the Cricket

Oh hallowed sound, leather striking crafted willow!
Applause for skills revealed. Stumps toppled or
boundary scored, catch taken or clever turn of bat.
And hazy sun shining warmth upon wide green field.
Birds wandering upon the turf, plucking, pecking as
players contend all about them, pursuing the ball
struck through the thin ring of fielders, a missile
scattering the avian browsers briefly, leaves in a gust.

A quiet pursuit of runs and wickets in Summer,
Players clad in whites or vibrant colours, two teams
in contesting, still respecting – determined each
to overcome the other yet also friends for years,
maybe even for life. Today in opposition,
tomorrow teammates, allies against others.
No room in this Noble Sport for the zealot!
The joy, the peace, the excitement that is Cricket.

Copyright © Steve K Smy, September 2013.
All rights reserved.

The Song of the Cricket

The English Idyll

6 thoughts on “The Song of the Cricket

    • Last summer, we were able to get out to watch a local team – out of town, green all around. It was bliss – and they were so friendly and welcoming! Sadly, my health prevented us doing the same this year 😦 Funnily enough, we’ve watched some international matches that have been a delight with great camaraderie in them. They tend to turn nasty when the media stick their noses in and start fomenting trouble! Most of the retired players are always talking about the lifelong friendships they’ve formed with many they were in fierce opposition to in matches 🙂 So it does still exist at al levels – when it’s allowed to 😉

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