Sandstorm by James Rollins

I was originally loaned a copy of this by my eldest, Damien.  I was not optimistic, at first, as it didn’t fit into any genre that I like.  However, I was caught in the first chapter!  James Rollins writes very well and the pace of the book is perfect.  It rattles along at a rate that keeps you reading.

Sandstorm is the first in Rollins’ Sigma Force series.  A thriller with elements of ancient mystery, it features strong characters, good and bad, and locations that are, at the very least, well researched.  In fact, you get the sense that he has actually been there.  The SIgma Force of the series name is a covert group in the USA, operating to obtain various items, whether of knowledge or physical objects, despite opposition from another “shadow” group.  The hero of Sandstorm, Painter Crowe, is not some unbelievable superman, but is simply superbly trained and highly intelligent.  He is also perfectly willing to work with “civilians” to obtain his objectives.

From the British Museum to the desert of the Sinai Peninsula, you’re kept on a cliff edge.  High technology and an ancient power, lost peoples out of ancient history, heroes and heroines who are complex and interesting, all combine to provide a very satisfying tale of action and adventure.  Some of the action sequences would satisfy the desires of just about any Hollywood blockbuster movie maker in the spectacular scale involved.

I know a review should give a reasonable synopsis of the story but, to be honest, I find it impossible to provide that without risking producing spoilers!  The story is just too fast paced to say much without giving things away that might ruin it for other readers.

My only complaint?  Where am I supposed to find the time to read the whole series?!

Sandstorm by James Rollins

Sandstorm by James Rollins

My rating: 5 stars

Highly recommended



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