We are calling on all authors!  If you are an author and would be interested in completing an Author Interview, which would be featured here on this blog, please contact us!  The downloadable file is in standard MS Word (.doc) format.  You can answer any or all of the questions, as you wish, in your own time.

We will publish all interviews initially as standard blog posts, but they will also be copied to an Interviews section, similar to our Reviews section.  You will be provided with the URL for your interview so that you can, if you wish, publicise it through whatever social network(s) and/or website you may use.  Of course, the initial blog posting of the interview will be automatically publicised by us through various networks.

Do remember that you don’t have to have been published through Imagineer!  All authors are welcome, though we hope that Indie authors will feature most strongly.  We may be inviting authors directly to participate, but please don’t be offended if we don’t contact you directly.  There are thousands of authors and so very little time!  If we haven’t contacted you, please don’t hesitate to contact us!  We will, of course need your email address to allow us to send you the list of questions but we will not use that address for any other purpose.

If you wish to add to the interview, please feel free to do so!  For example, you may include details of your available works and any new release that is about to be published.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Interviews

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