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Alan Garner is one of the few children’s authors whose work I enjoyed as a child.  I still do enjoy them, in fact. The works that I refer to, specifically, are those in the Tales of Alderley: The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, The Moon of Gomrath and Boneland.  The way he weaves legend and ordinary life, in a part of Britain with which he is intimately familiar, is captivating.  He is truly a master of his art.

I actually came to read Mr Garner’s works thanks to my elder brother, Paul.  I borrowed a copy of The Weirdstone of Brisingamen that he had brought home.  So strong was the impact, when I went to the Peak District years later, with my parents, I was sorely tempted to try to trace the paths that he had written about.  I didn’t, in the end, because I feared disillusionment.  Still, being in the Peak District was enough to conjure memories of the stories.

If you have children who wish to discover the magic that hides in the past and the present, then I strongly recommend these books.

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2 thoughts on “Alan Garner

  1. Alan Garner was one of the first modernish children’s authors I read as a child. Elidor was the first, and I remember having nightmares about the shape of the warrior appearing on the wall, and the electrical interference. Even though I wasn’t like our house and the cityscapes were unfamiliar, it still felt close enough to reality give me the creeps.

    • I must admit, I hadn’t read any writers so new, either 🙂 Equally, I’ve never read Elidor, sadly. I know that he can have some scary moments, but dealing with ‘old folklore’, as he does, it’s inevitable 😉 “The Moon of Gomrath” had passages that made me a bit reluctant to face the dark, as a child 😀

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