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Chris Allen is a brand new entrant for me.  If I hadn’t been asked to review his book Hunter (Intrepid #2), by his friend and tireless publicist, Julie Green, I would still be in sad ignorance of his books.  So, I owe Julie a great debt.  Julie’s an artist, photographer and writer, when she’s not busy marketing Chris’ books.  With Chris’ wife Sar (short for Sarah) also driving his writing career forward, while also juggling home and a young family, as well as her own career, it’s not difficult to see why he goes from strength to strength.  Something of a trinity, they are almost the perfect team.

But enough of the background.  The important bit here is Chris’ books.  So far, I have read the two currently available volumes in his Intrepid series, starring the superb Alex Morgan.  Morgan’s no superman, but he is superbly trained and utterly dedicated too Intrepid’s cause: to bring the most vile of international criminals to book – dead or alive!  He can fail, he can be hurt – badly.  He is, in every sense, human.  Yet there is that in him which makes him a lethal weapon, to be wielded by Intrepid.  It’s never come up seriously, but I dread to think what he would do to anybody who tried to persuade him to switch sides!

If you like a real hero, and some all-too-real villains, then Chris’ books are definitely for you!  In fact, some of the words used to describe his books, characters and storylines, in my honest opinion, do him and his books a disservice!  The comparisons made with other authors in the genre might sound flattering, and even extravagant, but Chris Allen is his own man, drawing on a wealth of personal experience in a way far too few ‘bestselling authors’ are able to do.

In closing, I would simply urge you to give Chris Allen’s books a try!

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2 thoughts on “Chris Allen

  1. Thank you Steve. From day one it’s been an absolute pleasure to get to know you on the internet and chat books with you. I am really happy you’ve enjoyed the brilliant Chris’s books so much, because I know I do. He’s easily a favourite of mine although that’s not hard to see. Thank you again. Your online friendship is a wonder! I hope you’re keeping well and writing hard.

    • My pleasure, Julie 🙂 Right back at you! It’s a real treat too find a new author I can honestly call a favourite! For introducing me to his work, I owe you a great debt! I’ve encountered many authors I’ve liked, but there’s always that extra something that a few authors have which elevates them to ‘favourite’ – though I’d find it impossible to say exactly what it is. There’s no doubting that Chris is one of those blessed with that ‘something’ – and he’s a really nice guy to boot!

      Ups and downs as ever, but the writing continues (though it’s been very slow lately).

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