The Invisichair

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The Invisichair


Amazing, phenomenal, the army could use this!
The simplest act, from standing on two feet
to rolling along on four wheels, pushed from A to B,
and where have I gone? Can it really be?
I’m invisible, or maybe I’m just suddenly deaf.
No, the being bumped into says it’s invisible for sure.
Funny. I thought it was just a wheelchair,
but no, it’s the magical Invisichair!
Strange. There I sit. Not morose or forbidding.
Yet they can only communicate with my pusher.
Oh, my! I really hope it is an Invisichair!
Or maybe… just maybe… I’ve ceased to exist…


Steve K Smy,
7th March, 2013.


A poem of personal experience, delayed for years – now told.


An Explanation




This was written based on my experiences many years ago, when I was no longer able to walk far enough to matter. Where people had happily greeted and spoken with me one day, when my wife took me out the next in a wheelchair, I was no longer visible, or so it seemed. Certainly I must have at least gone deaf and mute, judging by the apparent inability to communicate that being in a wheelchair seemed to be true to others. So annoyed by this, my wife would wheel me up to checkouts and then walk away! Interestingly, this strange phenomenon wasn’t in force when the checkout operator was of the younger generation. In fact, I have only praise for young people. They have always shown me courtesy and been considerate of my problems and needs. Such a shame that the older generation are not so universally enlightened.


~ Steve




4 thoughts on “The Invisichair

  1. It is perhaps that you are not invisible, it could be that “we” are feeling inadequate or uncomfortable to deal with the situation. Young people are better about this because their generation have less barriers to deal with–different is not so much a stigma for them as it is for their parents.

    • Possibly, but it’s a terrible shame – and a very unhappy experience. I am, after all, of a very similar age to those who don’t, or don’t wish to, see me. It’s not uncommon for many of us in the latter years to have mobility and health problems. I was brought up to treat everybody the same, by parents of an older, even more conservative generation 😉 I wonder what happened in between? Still, let’s take the positives – the young lead the way, and Society will, ultimately, be theirs and it will be their attitudes which prevail 🙂

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