Michael Moorcock

What a vast array of works there are to Michael Moorcock’s credit!  Here, I will state that I limit my “favourite” status to particular works.  I’ll list them below.  What I have to say, however, is that this is a rather peculiar one for me.  I don’t like these books for the quality of Mr Moorcock’s writing, but rather for his incredible vision.  That may sound harsh, but I feel I should be honest.  There are, without question, many faults with Mr Moorcock’s writing, but I can (usually) overcome the problems because of the inventive, creative genius that is his imagination.

Now, to the works I like enough to class them with my other favourites:

  • The Elric stories,
  • The Runestaff series and the sequel series,
  • The two Corum series,
  • The novel Ice Schooner,
  • The Erekose stories,

Note that there is some overlapping amongst these, as they all form part of Mr Moorcock’s Eternal Champion works.  I admit that I’m not a fan of Mr Moorcock’s science fiction works, such as the Jerry Cornelius stories.

Michael Moorcock on Goodreads.

2 thoughts on “Michael Moorcock

    • Yes, there’s always that problem with his surname 😦 The formulaic nature is, I think, deliberate to a degree, to stress the “eternal champion” concept.

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