Poul Anderson

Poul Anderson I regret to admit that I have read far too few of the books by this prolific writer.  The “favourite” status applies really to three of his novels: Three Hearts and Three Lions, The Broken Sword and The Merman’s Children.  Of these, I return to the first most often, for fun.  It is a light-hearted story full of humour, while still displaying Mr Anderson’s fondness for the mythology of his beloved Denmark, the original home of his parents.  The other two are far darker tales and I need to be in a very good place emotionally to read them.  The second book, like the first, is full of the familiar denizens and motifs of Scandinavian mythology, but revealing far darker aspects.  I should warn you that the third book is definitely “adult”, so if you have children who have borrowed and enjoyed the first two, you should probably not allow them to read the third.

You shouldn’t assume that Mr Anderson only wrote books in this genre.  He is, in fact, best known as a science fiction author.  He wrote in other genres, too.  Several of his novels were published only after his death, in 2001.

If I ever manage to get through the mass of books and ebooks I already have in my library, I would really like to read more of Mr Anderson’s works.

Remarkably, Mr Anderson isn’t on Goodreads, yet.  You can, however, find an article dedicated to him on Wikipedia.

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