Spare A Thought…

Spare A Thought…

Do you hear the siren’s brazen challenge,
demanding the right of way?
Spare a thought then, if you will.
Don’t let the cry fade away,
lost in the day’s soundscape.
Think!  That strident bellow declares
some human has, this very moment,
had a day of hope and dreams,
of mundane routine or happy freedom,
torn from their grip, their futile grasp.
A death, an injury, a calamity.
A theft, a murder, a pointless brawl.
Whatever the cause, spare a thought.
Allow a touch of sadness, of regret,
that some fellow person has lost
and is now left, forlorn.
Don’t be like all the rest,
who let the sound pass unnoticed,
or curse the raucous din,
or make thoughtless quip.
Do you hear the siren’s plaintive plea,
asking that someone care?

© Steve K Smy, May 2013

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