G1: The Guardians

Since the dawn of time, when Humanity first confronted worlds beyond the material, they have been victims.  Evil stalks us, ready to strike at any moment.  Some forces seek to rule, to be slavemasters, gods!  Others seek only to feed, or to corrupt Humanity.  Heroes, there have been.  The few who battled the Darkness, to keep Humanity in the Light.  And they have not always fought alone.  Powers opposed to Evil gave aid, and power.  Endowing the few with abilities beyond the norm.  And in time, some of the few came together and, working in secrecy, took the battle to the Darkness, driving it back, destroying it whenever they could, and Humanity was able to thrive, in freedom.

In a time that lies in our future, the fight is led by one organisation: the Guardians.  And of these, G1 are the elite!

Officially, Department G of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Guardians enjoy a unique place in English Society.  Virtually fully autonomous, equipped with the best weapons available, including many that their own specialists have developed, they battle Evil wherever it may be.  Even if the threat is beyond the borders of England.

These are the tales of G1’s endeavours to defeat the Darkness…

The Books

Shade of Evil
Evil Under The Circle
The Sigil of Ahriman
A Darkness in Amazon

Background Information

G1: The Guardians background posts

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