The Gnole by Alan Aldridge

TheGnoleCover  The Gnole by Alan Aldridge
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 The adventures of Fungle the Gnole must surely appeal to a wide audience. This creature, who demonstrates a common sense far superior to ours, the inheritor of powers and understanding far beyond our own, charms thoroughly. I actually came across the book in a charity shop and bought it simply because I needed something new to read and there was nothing else even close to appealing to me – besides, there’s a passing resemblance to moles, which I love.

The book is obviously a plea for greater care of the environment but it is wrapped up in such a way that you would be hard pressed to be anything but entertained. If you’re convinced by the message too – all the better!

Fungle has to brave the Human world, to attempt to recover a lost Stone, the possession of which would determine the fate of the world. Naturally, however clever and powerful he may be, things go awry and Gnole meets Humanity in unexpected ways. Aided by friends, new and old, he follows a tortuous route to the final climax of his mission. Success or failure, the outcome for Fungle looks like being anything but happy.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough!

~ Steve

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