Shade of Evil

G1: The Guardians


1st edition cover       –       2nd edition cover


Mild Horror/Supernatural/Future Fiction

The Blurb:

A simple man bears a terrible burden, unknowing. Now, that burden is killing him, seeking freedom from his exhausted hulk. Freedom to satisfy its evil hunger.

A darkness dwelt there, a vile miasma of misery that gnawed at the very soul of the man. It had been there for years, growing like some parasite, growing bloated with every bit of melancholy that was sucked from him. Worse, it was taking on a life of its own, a substance that should not exist. And the man was becoming something less, something hollow.

A novelette. Being Part 1 of G1: The Guardians.

Buy from:

Amazon – Kindle format (all Amazon stores)
Diesel eBook Store
Barnes & Noble (NOOK Book)
Sony (USA/Canada)

Paperback (2nd Edition only)
CreateSpace (2nd Edition only)
Amazon (2nd Edition only)

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