Blog Browser Day

It’s very easy to become focussed on books and writing.  In point of fact, the Indie scene would be by no means so strong without blogs!  That’s right – blogs.  To give blogs their due recognition, I’m proposing a regular “Blog Browser Day”.

I recognise that not all writers have blogs, but the idea here isn’t to simply advertise our own blogs!  Indeed, not all writers publish books – many publish articles and/or write blogs, exclusively.  This means that focussing on authors who have published books actually deprives us all of some tremendous writing talents – and that’s something I’d like to rectify.  You can submit the name of any blog that you find useful to your reading and/or writing activities.  You can nominate your own blog no more than once every three months, so there’ll be no blog just sat there on every Blog Browser Day post.  Equally, while it’s very possible that a blog may be submitted for inclusion by more than one person, I’ll do my best to prevent duplication during the course of a month (preferably longer).

So what blogs qualify?  As I say above: any blog that you find useful in your reading/writing life.  There are a few restrictions: no blatantly adult blogs (that includes those containing erotica, strong language, and anything else which may be regarded as generally offensive or unsuitable for a general audience), no blogs dedicated to “self-improvement” (exercise, diet, beauty and other such blogs), no “make easy money” or “Coupon” blogs.  Other blogs are all subject to review and acceptance or refusal at my sole discretion.  Submissions must be made using the form below.  If information is missing from the submission, then I reserve the right to reject it without review – I have limited time and hunting for information is something I prefer to do for my own needs, sorry!

Note that these recommendations do not constitute nominations for the Imagineer Blog Awards!

Blog Browser Day Submission Form (maximum 1 blog per week per person):