Pie on Peace – A Special Guest Post

Please welcome a very special guest: Pie.  Pie is an old brown horse who stars in a book by Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo.  Here, Pie takes a look at the subject of peace.  Surely, it must be refreshing to get a unique look into the mind of a horse, and how we humans are viewed by the charming Pie.  Enjoy…


images This whole subject of peace seems to weigh on the minds of humans more than it should. I really don’t understand what the big brew ha ha is about. Peace is a simple thing to achieve. We have it at our barn, but we have a rather strong herd leader. It used to be Dusty the big Morgan, then it was Ceasar, (yes, that is the way it is spelled), the even bigger Percheron gelding. They had two different leadership styles. Dusty ruled by terror and Ceasar by enforcement of rules broken. By all rights and privileges, the title should have come to me, and I guess you could say it did, but I am much too busy being a celebrity to even care about stuff such as that. So now the leadership role falls on the keeper.

She does a horse proud. In my 38 years on this earth, I have never seen one run a herd quite like she does. It shouldn’t, but it works. I share a pasture with a silly show bred paint gelding, by all rights we should not get along, but we do. I think it is because it is expected of us. It seems the higher the expectations, the harder we work to reach them. On the other side she has two geldings and two mares together. They should fight over the mares, but they don’t. Once again she has worked her magic on them, because she carefully introduced them and set them all up for success.

The most bizarre instance of peace between combatants in our barn is between the cat and the chicken. The little banty hen has been there for over nine years. All the other little chickens have been eaten by wildlife. She is the only one left. It seems that she has partnered up with a male barn cat the same color as herself. It is fascinating to watch the two. They are inseparable to the point of eating out of the same dish. This same cat also partners and plays with his brother and they have been inseparable since birth.

As I much carrots and watch all of this, I think the keeper works behind the scenes to make sure everyone gets along. There is not a creature at our barn that misses a meal, including the wild ones that pass through at night. Now someone told me that breaking bread with another person was biblical. I have no idea what that means, horses don’t do biblical, but it seems too important to the humans. Maybe if they followed their own advice and fed everyone and made sure they were comfortable, basically thought about someone other than themselves, and expected everyone to respect everyone else, maybe peace would ensue.

I don’t really see this happening. Humans seem to be too caught up in themselves. Maybe if they gave a little of themselves to others like the keeper does to us rather than trying to be better than everyone else they would have the peaceful tranquility of our barn. Or if you just want to keep it simple, feed everyone alfalfa hay mixed with cut up baby carrots. With a dish like that, no one has time to fight; they are too focused on the good things in life. I know when that is in front of me; I could care less what anyone else is doing.

Well, now that I have solved the world peace problem, I am going to mosey on over to my favorite shade tree and take a nap. This crisis aversion stuff is exhausting. I plan to dream about cute little mares and baby carrots. Look me up next time you need a problem solved, until then, Happy Trails To You!

Happy Trails back at you, Pie!

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