Roll Call for Ideas

Well.  I am a member of my local library’s “friends of…” group.

One idea that I want to put forward is to help with the promotion of the self-published author.  Now, the part I need help with, is the how…

Offering a “meet and greet” is one way, however for foreign authors, or those that are definitely NOT local, this may be impractical.  Another method could be to have a small section dedicated to self published authors… but who decides what goes in there?  

So, what would you, the possible beneficiaries of this idea suggest?  

Are any of you within a reasonable distance of Ipswich (UK) just in case there is an opportunity?

9 thoughts on “Roll Call for Ideas

  1. Mm, I am in Dovercourt, ( 30 mins away for those who do not know the country) … that still doesn’t offer an answer though! LOL. I am not sure what I could come up with. Will go have a cuppa and think. Keep me posted.

    • Maybe put together a little something that you could talk about, email it, along with a list of where to purchase your books, and a list, especially those that have an ISBN (essential for library purchases).

      Which title(s) would you bring with you?

      Btw, you would be quicker crossing through Shotly, that is a little jump LOL

  2. I’m near Norwich. What are we planning to do here? I’m probably in 🙂 I read mainly scifi, fantasy and MG books… which pretty much covers mine too.

  3. I’d ask the library to have a small show for local Indies and then try and organise a reading by te author to encourage readers. It does help bring people to the library too.
    For other Indies outside the area, I’d ask them to email the blub to you and then have two or three people decide what would be best for your particular library and then get the library to order it, they can usually do so at cost.
    It may be difficult as I donated my first two books to the library and checked week after week to see if they were out but was eventually told they’d been sent to the main library services to check content, ISBN number etc before they would be put out. I’ve never been back to check if they’ve been returned to this library and displayed for borrowers.
    It’s an excellent idea and I wish you luck with it.

  4. I’m in California, so I can’t drop in. But because I work at the library, I’ve gotten support from my local library. That’s taken the form of them buying my books for the collection (and keeping them on the “new books” shelf a bit longer than usual), and the library sponsoring a reading/signing when the first book came out. That was particularly nice, because the library was a familiar and comfortable venue for my friend and for me, so I got a good turnout. I’m hoping to do another near the launch of my next book. Author events are a great thing for a library, and unlike big-name authors, most of us author-publishers don’t charge for an appearance!

    As for non-local authors, I think the best thing you could do would be to purchase worthwhile books (you’ll have to act as a gate-keeper; sorry!) and add them to the collection.

  5. There are some excellent ideas in this thread!

    I have just thought that maybe authors who self publish should bring out a “Library Edition?” I believe that some publishers charge higher process for library copies, based on the fact that a library will buy a few, with the purpose of lending, then selling for pennies once the copies have been round a few times.

  6. I’m just outside Cambridge so it wouldn’t be too difficult for me to get to Ipswich, and I’d love to take part in an indie author event. A reading by local authors or a discussion group could be very successful. Some Cambridge based authors and I tried a book sale in our central library, but it didn’t work as a sale as people don’t go in to libraries to purchase books. However, as a social event it was a huge success.

  7. Some kind of indie festival, with readings might be good. I’m in bury st edmunds and would be happy to read, do a talk or generally join in. School hours are good, holidays I’d have to bring my 5 year old but he’s pretty well behaved.

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