Introducing a Newbie!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Anyone noticed a new logo on my blog?  (It’s under the article on the left and looks like this:


If you click on it (or the one above) you will be whisked away (what a great word WHISKED) to a website called Writers Blog Co-op, set up by Maurice Tudor for the following purpose:

Our aim is to help each other get more traffic to our blogs or sites.  If more new visitors view us the chances are that they will join one  or two of us and we gain new eyes and possibly buyers of our  books or services  This co-op is open to all aspects of the writing Industry  and if you would like to join us, complete our contact form with your full details.

Why not whisk over and investigate.

Oh, did I mention the much beloved ‘F’ word?


Well, brace yourselves.



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