Roll Call for Ideas

Well.  I am a member of my local library’s “friends of…” group.

One idea that I want to put forward is to help with the promotion of the self-published author.  Now, the part I need help with, is the how…

Offering a “meet and greet” is one way, however for foreign authors, or those that are definitely NOT local, this may be impractical.  Another method could be to have a small section dedicated to self published authors… but who decides what goes in there?  

So, what would you, the possible beneficiaries of this idea suggest?  

Are any of you within a reasonable distance of Ipswich (UK) just in case there is an opportunity?

Introducing a Newbie!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Anyone noticed a new logo on my blog?  (It’s under the article on the left and looks like this:


If you click on it (or the one above) you will be whisked away (what a great word WHISKED) to a website called Writers Blog Co-op, set up by Maurice Tudor for the following purpose:

Our aim is to help each other get more traffic to our blogs or sites.  If more new visitors view us the chances are that they will join one  or two of us and we gain new eyes and possibly buyers of our  books or services  This co-op is open to all aspects of the writing Industry  and if you would like to join us, complete our contact form with your full details.

Why not whisk over and investigate.

Oh, did I mention the much beloved ‘F’ word?


Well, brace yourselves.



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Dun Writin’—Now Whut? A series by Susan Uttendorfsky – Owner of Adirondack Editing – (13 Self-Editing Part 1)

Some more well thought out tips for self-editing here. 🙂

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


Some of the things we’ve discussed previously are good to be on the watch for and remove, but there are other, specific tasks that can be done when a manuscript’s completed to help polish it. Since there are many of these odd jobs, this specific post will continue over time.

Editing your own work involves hard labor. Other authors have mentioned they make as many as ten to fifteen passes in editing, revising, and reworking, focusing on one or two aspects of self-editing each time. Those authors are to be commended, since writing a book is only one third of the work. Editing is the second third, and publishing and marketing take up the final third. You’re never exactly finished, are you?

  1. To review earlier posts, we’ve chatted about removing unnecessary “ly” adverbs, superfluous dialogue tags, inappropriate dialogue tags, redundancies, undue “thats”, and needless directions and impossibilities. It’s hard to…

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Are we still here?

Well, that is an interesting question.

I am working hard, and have now gotten a temporary job, os things will slow down a little.

There are, as you may have figured out, several projects on the go, as well as wrestling with work and the Job Centre.

I decided that in order to attempt to motor through the current typing project, I legged it off to one of the two local Starbucks, with my laptop, and a ream of pages that need typing up.  I found that I make great progress that way, especially as there is no TV to distract me.

Well, enough distractions here…  I am still going on, hopefully, more updates and progress reports to come soon!

AUTHORS, instead of contacting me you could: (Part 1)

Certainly need a head for heights…. I think I’ll carry on with my current round of typing. Which one are you doing Chris?

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Do any or all the following – it won’t promote you or your books, but it wouild certainly get people TALKING about your SANITY LOL 🙂 (My thanks to Phil the Tasmanian Devil for sourcing these photos)

Go Cliff camping.

01Skywalking in the Alps

02Climbing Redwoods.

03Sitting on the Trolltunga rock in Norway.

04Try jumping on the Trolltunga rock in Norway.

05Go rock climbing in South Africa.

06Ice climbing a frozen waterfall.

07OR – you could do the SENSIBLE thing and send me an article (or more) about YOURSELF, your BOOKS, your BLOGS, your INTERESTS and LOTS of OTHER things!

Why not click HERE and see what I’d need from you and how to get it to me!

GO ON – you KNOW you WANT to 😀

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The Grey Book and The Men of Hwitern UPDATE

On the advice of our Ape, I have decided to pull back the digital copies of The Men of Hwitern, ready for the release of The Grey Book, and it is part of that novel.

It is still available on Amazon, at a much reduced price, and the print options are still available, for those who would like it, but they are already at minimum price.  Therefore, if you have purchased a copy of The Men of Hwitern and would like to upgrade to The Grey Book, upon release, please contact me.

I am still beavering away on these projects, and a new project as well, this time some Science Fiction.