UPDATED: Released on Amazon Store.

Now, before they think you’ve gone off your rocker, remember this is the draft post.

Well, the “first” piece of work that I started in Dad’s rememberance was Patterns of the Mind.

This came back today from my proof reader.  A very close friend of mine, who I have known for years.  For some reason (and luckily for me) he decided to print it out and write on it with PEN!  I know, such an ancient way!  Anyway, he mailed the manuscript back to me today and I was able to make the needed changes, and it is now sitting in pieces on the Smashwords Website, and pending review through KDP.

Yes, this is where I got the idea of printing out “The Grey Book” from.  My word is it working well.  I am motoring through making the changes and notes I need to much faster and more accurately than I would be able to just reading it on the comp screen again.Image

After running a test print, on standard paper, with standard ink, this combo really did work well, even with the dodgy bleeds due to being an inkjet printer on cheap paper.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this piece as much as I did.

Noo….. Don’t press the publish button yet, you don’t have a title….. Too late…. *facepalm*

Updated: – Live on Amazon store Now, and hopefully distributed through Smashwords soon.


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