TSRA’s Book Covers

This young Ape has fantastic eyes, especially for detail.

Worth consulting and at least speaking with.

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I've been thinking

You know what it’s like, you’ve slaved over a hot story for absolutely AGES, had it torn apart and reassembled several times by friends, family, Beta Readers and maybe even an Editor or two and you are ready to publish it at last.

But hold on, there’s still the matter of a Cover for your shiny New Bestselling Blockbuster!

You quickly check your purse/wallet, pockets, bank account, look in the kid’s piggybank and check the combined family credit card limit, but find you just CANNOT afford to get a professional Book Cover Designer to make the cover you REALLY want.

The available OFF THE SHELF covers don’t quite cut it for you.

Oh Woe, woe and THRICE woe (as the late Frankie Howard used to say in Up Pompeii)

Despair ye not good author, perhaps this old ape can help!

“HOW? Ape’s can’t make book covers, can they?”


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