Kindle Edition: The Men of Hwitern

Well, if I thought Smashwords were picky, then I obviously hadn’t dealt with Createspace before.

Now, with the physical copies available from there and Skoobebooks, with my personal recommendation going to Skoobebooks, it is just the Kindle edition we are waiting for via Amazon.  This could take up to 12 hours, and has a slight hiccup in the cost.  This will be corrected as soon as I can access those options.


The pricing has been adjusted, and should be live very shortly.  I apologise about this, and think it should be ready at least by morning.

Thanks for the help, and support everybody 🙂


8 thoughts on “Kindle Edition: The Men of Hwitern

  1. LOL Chris.

    Kandy, I suggest ensuring you have a border of some kind around your cover image of around 1-2cm.

    Chris was kind enough to create a cover for me, and it took me nearly a week of yelling, kicking, screaming and photoshopping borders until createspace was happy. Unlike Skoobebooks, who were helpful and informative all the way through, Createspace take around 24 hours for each change, and there were a lot. Even when attempting to use their own software to create a cover.

      • Oh, I followed their guidelines to the letter for around 4 of the 5 attempts to get them to accept the cover. Even to the border sizing.

        On the whole, I think I will skip createspace again and go straight to KDP, now I know I can.

        Adding in that Skoobebooks are sending me a copy for free, and Createspace were going to charge me for a copy, and postage.

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