The Men of Hwitern

Here is the cover for the Novella The Men of Hwitern.  Thanks, and Kudos to TheStoryReadingApe for the design, from a very sketchy description of what I was imagining.


“In this Novella, part of The Grey Book, we see whether the King of Vilidimuse, Par’rjn Bothan can keep his Kingdom from the clutches of Hwitern and Clud-wyl-Dûm.

Clud’s eyes shone red for a moment as rage gripped him, then he sneered and laughed again.  It was not a laugh that Kaen liked.  The lord of Castle Lynn turned away and strode down the grey corridor and growled as he disappeared through a heavy bronze door.

Clud-wyl-Dûm walked out onto the balcony, raising his arms in praise to the heavens, then laughed.  The wizard laughed wildly, roaring and howling, fire running over his body and the storms enveloping him.”

So, this will be released to the world of the internet, once I can figure out how to do it, as Dad had hooks into the iTunes book store,, and  I just don’t know how he did it.

If you DO want a copy before I manage to figure this out, let me know, and I’ll see what I can come up with.


I managed to coerce Smashwords into accepting the book, and it is slated for a  release date of 30/01/14.

Therefore, I have a voucher code here, for 50% off the (digital) ‘cover’ price of USD$1.99.  This means the price is USD0.99  Hopefully, this will generate some interest, and thank all the loyal and supportive followers.

The price reflects that it is a Novella, and a teaser for the more complete work, once I am finished with digitizing it.

Code: ZM36F for


6 thoughts on “The Men of Hwitern

  1. The best way to start self-publishing is simply to decide what platforms you want to use, sign up with them, read the instructions and then go from there. For example, when I started a little over two years ago, I checked out Print on Demand publishers like Lulu and CreateSpace and decided on CreateSpace because the books are marketed directly through Amazon (probably that’s the hook to Amazon you’re talking about). I also wanted to publish in ebook format, so Kindle (also Amazon) was the logical choice. Then I discovered Smashwords (all ebook) and I signed up there, too, because it distributes to other sites like Barnes & Noble (Nook), Kobo, Sony, etc., and you can buy directly through Smashwords, also, downloading the book to as many devices as you wish.
    Again, I say, just sign up and then follow the instructions. You need to learn how to format text for the various outlets (ebook, print book, etc.) I have some posts on my blog that might help with that, especially this one: Formatting Print Books with CreateSpace
    and also other posts with the Labels CreateSpace or Cover Formatting or Kindle etc.

  2. Smashwords are really helpful and will get your dad’s book into most places. Including Apple ID you’re having trouble tracking down his log in details. You have to be an American tax payer to upload to Apple direct I think or have a ein number so they can pay you as if you’re American rather than having to withhold 30% for the irs.



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