Planned Works

The frantic typing up from handwritten notes is underway and image scanning will be commencing soon.  However, work rate will drop off from tomorrow, as I return to the school where I volunteer, in the hopes of securing a Teaching Assistant job.

I have 2 of Dad’s books out for proof reading at the moment, one of which is also having the cover worked on.  The other just needs minor tweaks, but finding the right tweak is the problem there.

After typing, deciphering, and cursing at the second book, I found the entire novel, typewritten, in a ring binder, that I had already had, but not been through yet.  So, after the piece I am working on now, I will be working from the folder.  However, this has been an adventure, and hopefully there is a little interest in getting hold of EITHER print, or electronic formats.  Once I have the cover of the second, I will reveal it, and we can look at distributing 🙂

The second piece of work, is actually a book, within a novel.  But does quite well on its own.  I think this will become a novella, to generate interest in the whole novel.  Thoughts on this approach?


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