Cover Reveal

I have decided on the (front) cover for the newest book to be released, and would like to share this with you all.

Pattens FrontWith help from my partner, we were able to use one of Dad’s actual watercolour paintings as the front cover.



5 thoughts on “Cover Reveal

  1. I love the painting! Great depth – draws you right in! My only quibble is that the lettering is a little difficult to read in the parts that are against the mottled backgrounds. That’s especially true in the lower right corner. Notice how much clearer the first four letters of Patterns show up. I’ve had the same problem with my own covers.

  2. Beautiful! I would center your father’s name and make it a few points larger. Perhaps make the copy at the lower bottom right the same color as the title, and a tiny bit larger, so it stands out better against the background.

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