Writing from Beyond…

Since Dad’s funeral, we have been finding an awful lot of paperwork.  Idle scribbles, some interesting illustrations, and some poetry and short stories, (some are very short).

I am working to get these ready for distribution, but would like some form of feedback on the best way to go about this.

I am looking at one of three ways.  Either an undated piece of work, a dated piece of work, or compiling both sets together.

Once I can get hold of Dad’s scanner, (it’s at mum’s at the moment) I can scan the art from each piece of work, so that authenticity can be maintained as much as possible.

I may need formatting help, and proof-reading preparing to publish etc.  All this is new to me.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

2 thoughts on “Writing from Beyond…

  1. If I may offer my suggestion, I think a complete anthology would be an excellent idea, and if none of the short stories have dates, then just do a general compilation. If there are some that he had dated, then include that information at the beginning of each appropriate story. I am happy to offer you any help you may require in formatting, etc. as I think this is a wonderful tribute to your father!

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