Book Promo Day: 28th November, 2013

Welcome to BOOK PROMO DAY, (my apologies for posting it 2 days late) here are another 5 great entrants for you to enjoy as follows (another 5 have also been received and will appear next week):

Please Note:

Next week will be the last Book Promo posted from the blog, so please do NOT submit any more Book Promo requests.

Silent Lies by Mel Parish


During a police investigation into the whereabouts of his young assistant Katy Shore, the decision to withhold information that could get him into trouble is an easy one for accountant Cal Miller. That is, until he discovers Katy’s deceptions far outweigh his own. Now, not only is Cal’s reputation as a newcomer to small-town Leyton’s business community at stake, but also his already fragile marriage and his freedom. With detectives deaf to his claims that no crime has been committed, Cal’s impulsive and secretive nature threatens to alienate even those who could help him, as the ensuing scandal brings to light issues that suggest that his secrets are darker and his past more blemished than he is willing to admit.

Barnford Abbey: Part One:Revenge and Retribution by Jake Cardigan


1645-1660) At the peak of the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell falls from his horse at the decisive battle of Naseby. This inciting moment marked the beginning of the end for King Charles 1: the start of Colonel Matthew Farrell’s ruthless quest for power; his vendetta against the Earl of Barnford and the terrible crimes he committed against one innocent young Irishman and his family. Revenge and retribution follow as the tables are turned and the victims become the hunters The plots twist and turn as many old scores are finally settled—or were they?

(Continued in Part Two (2008 -2010) BARNFORD ABBEY PART ONE.

Yesterday Road by Kevin Brennan


In this “coming-of-old-age” tale, Jack Peckham finds himself on a journey into his distant past, helped along the way by Joe Easterday, a young man with Down syndrome, and Ida Pevely, a middle-aged waitress with her own mountain of regrets. Jack has a hundred grand in cash that he can’t explain, since he can’t remember yesterday much less forty years ago. Setting out from Northern California for “points east,” he gets lost, carjacked, abandoned, and arrested, but he’s always homing in on the one object of his inner drive — home. With humor and plenty of unexpected turns, Kevin Brennan’s second novel is a lyrical and poignant story of memory and identity, of how it is the whole of experience — pain and regret along with love and pleasure — that gives life its fullness. We all tow our histories behind us as we make our way down Yesterday Road.

Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger by D.M. Cherubim

Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger Book Cover

Mary Baker isn’t happy. She’s bullied by a mother who hates her and her mother’s boyfriend, a redneck plumber with a big gut. It’s only the mysterious surprises that keep happening to her that make her life fun. Or interesting. Like the anonymous gifts that come in the mail or the flocks of black birds that follow her. Then one day, a death and a mysterious, magical stone with symbols on it, called The Eye of the Tiger, bring her great wealth and a new life attending a school of white magic.

This sometimes amusing adventure includes a spell that hits the wrong person with funny results, and more serious spells with powerful consequences.

All is going well until a hooded figure steals the stone. Now, her riches in jeopardy, Mary and her friends soon find themselves in real danger as they come up against a young woman who can’t decide if she’s evil or good and a truly evil wizard, who just wants the stone for the wealth it will bring.

The Valley of Thorns (v.3 of The Labors of Ki’shto’ba Huge-Head) by Lorinda J. Taylor


This volume continues the adventures that began in v.2 The Storm-Wing. Ki’shto’ba and its Companions are summoned back to Marcher lands where the High Commander Zhu’zi’a’ro’a and its Warriors have been engaged in a war with the Southern Nasutes over possession of the land to the south of Pol’ki’shtot (the Valley of Thorns). Having little luck keeping the treacherous Sta’ein’zei at bay, Zhu’zi’a’ro’a has decided to take A’zhu’lo’s advice and attempt to negotiate peace, with Ki’shto’ba’s help. Now, however, the Sta’ein’zei are advancing on the new fortress of Wei’loi’bao’cha, which lies immediately south of the Valley of Thorns. Ki’shto’ba decides it will cast its lot with the Marchers and fight alongside A’zhu’lo to protect Wei’loi’bao’cha. However, the defense of the fortress does not go well. The Marchers decide they must abandon Wei’loi’bao’cha, taking its Mother with them inside one of the trickster Za’dut’s wheeled conveyances. The Marchers withdraw through the Valley of Thorns, granted sworn assurances of safe passage by Pai’it’zei and Lin’tuk’ko (the Commander and the High Priest of the Sta’ein’zei). Ki’shto’ba is assigned to lead the vanguard that escorts the Mother while Zhu’zi’a’ro’a, A’zhu’lo, and Lug’tei’a command the rear, intending to use the lightning horn to summon aid from Ki’shto’ba’s forces should there be any treachery. And indeed treachery is fated to be the order of the day …


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