Book Promo Day: 7th November, 2013

The Tsunami of requests for books to be promo’d is drying up folks!

Please don’t let this be a short lived thing – AUTHORS you’ve never had it so good regarding opportunities to get free promotion on this popular blog, so:


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And PLEASE make life a little simpler for this silly old ape temporary blog editor and give ALL the information requested in the form, especially FULL http://www.**** addresses of book covers and where the books can be obtained (or downloaded), etc.

This weeks 6 great entrants are as follows:

The Muse Unlocked by Chris Kuhn


To others, 38-year-old screenwriter and author Cate Mullen appears the consummate professional and at the top of her game. But a sharp, biting wit and tough, confident persona mask something else. Each night, when she returns home, the frequent storyteller of passion and romance is reminded that, while the house is occupied by another – a husband of 12 years – she is in fact living alone. As Cate confronts feelings of rejection and inadequacy that plague her self-esteem and threaten to block her creativity, she begins production on her latest scripted film. There she meets 28-year-old, promising actor, Oliver Sand. As one relationship ends, a new intimacy begins that offers hope of crushing past fears and insecurities though it brings its own set of unique challenges. Would getting involved with a cast member jeopardize Cate’s career or be used against her? Could they be using each other or was true love really possible, as the writer had always touted but never quite believed? A mixture of quick wit, sexy banter and slow-churning romance, The Muse Unlocked is a tale of one woman’s journey to release herself from the constraints of her past and open her heart to the future. Currently garnering multiple 5-star reviews from readers at both and GoodReads

Stories by Kevin Raney


Stories” is a collection of fictional stories based on actual events in the life of a woman reaching for challenge and adventure.  Jane learned to be a park ranger, a wildland firefighter and a forester, and then took the risk of starting a small business.  Jane begins to hear voices and suffers a psychotic break.  Her sister brings her home to live with her mother and receive treatment.  What happens next illustrates the struggle disabled people have finding work and health care.  I promise there is a happy ending.”

Here is an excerpt from “Stories”:  “Word comes to the Fredonia office that there is a fire on the Mogollon Rim.  A North Kaibab fire crew is put together and travels in trucks to Flagstaff, Arizona.  We have a short break then head for Sedona, Arizona.  By the time we reach our destination it is dark.  Following the directions he has received by radio the crew leader takes us toward the Rim.  I have no idea what to expect.  There is a red glow in the night sky from the wildfire.”

Of Blade and Valor by Cheryl Alleway


In the midst of war torn Scotland, a baby girl is born to Jacob Douglas and his young wife. The conflict between the English and the Scots breeds trials of loyalty that tarnish the landscape, while Jacob teaches his strong-willed child the skills she will need to face her uncertain future. Behind the veil of war, villains pillage their land, pilfer what is not theirs and do not fear retribution for their deeds. There is none strong enough to make a stand; no one, until Deb Douglas. Keeping her father close to her always, he radiates a courage that motivates her fight for freedom, for love, and for her land. Deb rallies those she meets to join her cause, which frees the secrets from her past that have been buried for many years. While destiny is all-knowing, Deb never backs down and faces it all with the courage of a man and the heart of a Scot!

Banker’s Draft by Clive Mullis


In the City of Gornstock, on the planet Twearth, Private Investigator Jocelyn Cornwallis and his employee, Frankie, were enjoying a quiet pint down their local when life suddenly became interesting; they met Rose…..and then they got a case. There’s been a murder at an accountant’s office, and Cornwallis has to find the perpetrator but at the same time the secret police have got an eye on proceedings so maybe things aren’t quite as they seem. Then there’s the Universal Collider, a device for seeing things that happen in other universes, and a cat with attitude named Fluffy; put into that mix Sergeant MacGillicudy, a policeman who tags along and whose nemesis is Sergeant Grinde, a government that evolved through Morris Dancers, and Gerald who ‘ain’t really there’, then what you get when you stir it all up is the Banker’s Draft.

A Lifetime At War by Gordon L Ewell


“A LIFETIME AT WAR,” is a chapter book, about the war the severely wounded will fight every day for the rest of their lives. I tell you exactly what happens from the moment someone becomes a casualty and take you every step of the way from the navy corpsman or combat medic that first puts his hands on you, through every single stop you make getting back stateside and how long you are at each place; through the hell of each stage of a severely wounded soldiers recovery, as well as what happens after the military tells you, that you are so “screwed” up you cant even lick stamps for them… through the hell of more recovery and even walk you through using a catheter! It is a guide for those who are severely wounded to navigate their own road to recover and find a blueprint for Happiness; as well as a resource for everyone to help raise public awareness for the high price so many have paid for our freedom, and will continue to pay every single day, as casualties of the longest war in America’s History. For the “Severely Wounded,” their “War after the War” will last the rest of their Lives. The end date of their war will be printed on their death certificate.

Master Sergeant Gordon L. Ewell is a combat engineer and expert in the tactics and techniques the enemy used in Iraq to assemble, disguise, and detonate deadly improvised explosive devices (IEDs). He became part of the first special two-solider team whose mission was to find and render safe the IEDs, before they could unleash their deadly force upon other soldiers, convoys, civilians, and local civilian commuters during the War in Iraq. He performed fifty-nine dangerous missions, coauthored a first-of-its-kind manual used for the training of special teams that would have the mission of finding IEDs, was “blown-up” six different times, and saved countless lives. He received the Bronze Star Medal for “demonstrating personal courage and conviction on multiple occasions by continually performing his duties while under enemy attack,” and the Purple Heart Medal for “wounds received while engaged in combat” during the war. Though permanently disabled, he continues to fight. A Lifetime at War is more than just an incredible and inspiring personal account of his road to recovery. Once again Ewell is using his expertise and experience-this time to help wounded warriors navigate the hell of recovery. He helps us all to understand that while the War in Iraq may have ended on December 15, 2011, for the thousands of soldiers severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, their war will never end.

The Termite Queen, v.1: The Speaking of the Dead by Lorinda J. Taylor


In the 30th century, an off-world expedition returns to Earth with a specimen of giant termite whose behavior suggests intelligence. Kaitrin Oliva, a strong-willed and ambitious young linguistic anthropologist, is charged with finding a way to access its unique form of bioelectric communication. However, the insect dies and the team members realize too late that they have unintentionally murdered an intelligent lifeform. A second expedition is mounted with the purpose of making first contact and reparations. Griffen Gwidian, the entomologist heading the expedition, is a complex man with a dark personal secret. He falls in love with Kaitrin and against her better instincts Kaitrin responds. The result is a love story by turns turbulent and funny, passionate, tender, and troubled. Meanwhile, civil discord is brewing on the termite planet. Mo’gri’ta’tu, the Queen’s Chamberlain, resents the power of the Holy Seer Kwi’ga’ga’tei and plots to assassinate her. She has engaged the services of an outland Champion, Ki’shto’ba Huge-Head, to fight this terrifying entity which has descended on them from the skies, murdered one of the fortress’s citizens, and abducted another. This alienates the aging Commander Hi’ta’fu the Unconquered, who is lured by the word-crafty Chamberlain into joining the conspiracy. At the very moment that the murder is about to be committed, the second expedition arrives at the planet … Discover the outcome of the adventure in Volume Two, “The Wound That Has No Healing.”


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