Blog Browser Day: 26th October, 2013

Thanks to last weeks appeal, there are three (3) great blogs recommended for this weeks Blog Browser Day, so give yourselves a treat this weekend and click on the blog names or the photos to visit them.

PLEASE, don’t forget to let me know all about YOUR favourite blogs in time for NEXT weeks post 🙂

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Living Europe

This blog, run by Mikael and Valentina  provides a fascinating insight into Europe’s history and culture.


Mikael. Born in Genoa (Italy) in 1992, half Finnish, I’ve always had a passion for traveling and getting to know and understanding different cultures. After graduating from high school, I performed the military service in the Finnish Army. After that I traveled across Europe, trying to understand the world. Now I’m studying foreign languages applied to International Relations at university in Milan, but I haven’t stopped seeking for knowledge and adventure.


Valentina. I was born in Monza in 1993. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been interested in foreign languages and in discovering different cultures. For this reason I studied English, French and Spanish when I was in high school and, after graduating, I took up Russian and English applied to International Relations.
I’ve always tried to travel as much as possible, across my country, Italy, and across Europe too.

Blog Class: General Readers Blog

Recommended by: drewdog2060drewdog2060

Rating: 5

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Charlton Daines

This blog is run by an intellectual turned indie writer who often has interesting things to say about the journey.

Charlton Daines Logo

Charlton Daines is an academic and an afficionado of fine Literature. As such, he has sought to add to the collective of world Literature with the occasional selection that might appeal to those with a love of Classics and Historical Fiction.

The occasional spot of Humour or flights of fancy are likely to slip into this all too serious catalogue of self-indulgent scribblings.

Charlton Daines was born in London, but currently lives in the middle of England with his family, which includes an odd selection of common and pedigree cats.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Jaq D Hawkins

Rating: 5 Star

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My beautiful picture

Sharon M. Desruisseaux is a fascinating and intelligent person who writes about word meanings and has a very positive attitude towards everything.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Jaq D Hawkins

Rating: 5 Star

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About Chris The Story Reading Ape

I am what my name states, an ape of the primate species called Homo Sapiens Sapiens. My blog is intended to present New (to me) Authors, whose stories or books I have read and enjoyed, so that anyone who happens to stumble onto this blog, while searching for a book to read, or, a new (to them) author to try, may find what they seek, or, at least, inspiration. I have also made the blog an Author Promotions Enterprise to be a platform for authors to introduce themselves to potential readers and to provide advice and tips resources information they can use to improve and enhance their story telling efforts. Please be advised that I reserve the right to remove, or decline to publish, any comments that I deem inappropriate.

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