Blog Browser Day: 19th October, 2013

Thanks to last weeks appeal, there are the five (5) great blogs recommended for this weeks Blog Browser Day, so give yourselves a treat this weekend and click on the blog names to visit them.

PLEASE, don’t forget to let me know all about YOUR favourite blogs in time for NEXT weeks post 🙂

Ailsa Abraham

Some author interviews, free stories, my observations on life, knitting, teddy bears, motorbikes and other animals

Blog Class: General Readers Blog

Recommended by: Ailsa Abraham

Rating: Own Blog

Confirmed Family Safe? Yes

Jems Books

This blog offers many author interviews, as well as news. Its fun to read and Janice does an amazing job presenting her interviews.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: D H Dunne

Rating: 5 Star

Confirmed Family Safe? Yes

language in the blood

Blog about the background to my first book and the struggle in writing it’s follow up while working a full-time job in Monaco.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Angela Lockwood

Rating: 4 Star

Confirmed Family Safe? Yes

Clare O’Dea writing

Clare writes about her experiences as a writer, the problems we all struggle with, and the rewards. She illustrates her posts with photographs of her environment that give them a sense of place and meaning.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Jane Dougherty

Rating: 4 Star

Confirmed Family Safe? Yes

Behind the Story

Chris, I want to recommend this interesting blog by Nicki Chen but I am not sure which “blog class” it belongs to. The blog owner is a fiction writer, but most of her posts do not promote her “works”.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Hari Qhuang

Rating: 5 Star

Confirmed Family Safe? Yes

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About The Story Reading Ape

I am what my name states, an ape of the primate species called Homo Sapiens Sapiens. My blog is intended to present New (to me) Authors, whose stories or books I have read and enjoyed, so that anyone who happens to stumble onto this blog, while searching for a book to read, or, a new (to them) author to try, may find what they seek, or, at least, inspiration. I have also made the blog an Author Promotions Enterprise to be a platform for authors to introduce themselves to potential readers and to provide advice and tips resources information they can use to improve and enhance their story telling efforts. Please be advised that I reserve the right to remove, or decline to publish, any comments that I deem inappropriate.

8 thoughts on “Blog Browser Day: 19th October, 2013

  1. Chris, you gave me my favorite spot – the last one!
    Ha ha ha
    I’m sure you listed the blog randomly but I can’t help feeling special.
    By the way, I just visited the Living Europa blog (from the comment). It’s a cool, fun blog! 😀

      • L-O-L!

        I should have written some nice lines about the blog, shouldn’t I? I mean, I did not mention a single thing about it.

        On the bright side, people would be more curious to find out what the blog is all about. Ha ha ha


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