Book Promo Day: 3rd October, 2013

As I stated last week, due to the Tsunami response to my post on 24th, I have had to limit the number of books to six, but if you’ve made a submission and yours is not in this article, DON’T PANIC, it just means that it will appear NEXT Thursday 10th October or on a Thursday thereafter.

In fact, ALL the October slots have now been filled and the first November slot started, so please give me at least 3 weeks to recover before sending in any more book Promo applications (Chris)

This weeks SIX (6) great entrants are as follows:

The Fencing Master’s Daughter by Giselle Marks


Regency Romance – Edward, Earl of Chalcombe, walking home, is attacked by footpads. He attempts to defend himself but is bludgeoned to the ground. Death seems inevitable when a fat ugly man carrying a stick and a beautiful slender young lady appeared. The young lady stumbles and picks up his dropped foil, dispatching one footpad and injuring another. The fat man belabours a third with his stick. The footpads flee, leaving their deceased comrade behind. The rescuers bundle Edward home. The young lady, Madelaine summons the Bow Street runners. Refusing reward she provides no address. But Edward fascinated by both Madelaine’s beauty and swordsmanship intends to pursue the acquaintance. Edward seeks his rescuers and the culprits who wish to terminate his life. Offering the elusive Madelaine marriage but she repeatedly declines. Her father accepts an invitation to visit his estate with her over Christmas as he takes a liking to Edward. As Edward pursues Madelaine, the attempts on his life continue. The sinister French spy, Major Furet, discovered as the arch nemesis in both Edward and Madelaine’s stories. The mystery intertwines as their romance progresses and Madelaine eventually reveals the secret making her refuse to marry him.

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The Wake of the Dragon by Jaq D Hawkins


No sane airshipman will fly near a storm, but the cover of storm edge offers effective concealment for airship pirates who can strike quickly from above before anyone knows a ship is near. With the protection of Aide, the goddess of air travel, one airship defies the elements to seek fortune for the rag tag aerialists who make up the pirate crew. The elements are the least of their problems when they find themselves saddled with an airsick clerk, a crewmember suspected of working for the East India Company and a love sick farm girl whose headstrong misconceptions compel her to seek adventure where no decent woman would wander unescorted. Battling businessmen, mechanoids and villagers armed with torches and pitchforks, Captain Bonny must decide who to trust, and if the only rational course of action is one of apparent madness.

NOTE: 25% off in October!

Curse of The Salute by Anastacia Moore


Danger looms aboard the fishing vessel “Salute” as Dick Frank faces obstacles both supernatural and real in an attempt to save the doomed vessel from ghostly inhabitants that menace anyone who dares board her. Fishing has many dangers and lore handed down through the ages . . . those who do not heed the warnings are destined to suffer the consequences. Dick, his father, Charles, and their crew mates are met with sickness, unexplained accidents, and near madness as they toil on the great Pacific Ocean to bring in their quota of the beautiful blue fin tuna. What can cause such catastrophes and why the Salute? I bid you climb aboard and see for yourself as you sign on for the ride of your life in “The Curse of The Salute”. A Tasty Tidbit of an Excerpt: Stepping to where Pete’s limp body hung precariously over the stern, he shouted “HEY”. The waves were becoming more agitated, making it difficult to balance. Dick was now beside Pete. He reached down to help Pete away from the rail. A strong smell accosted his nostrils as he drew nearer. It almost smelled like the blood from the tuna, but it was much more intense. That’s when he saw it gushing from the back of Pete’s head, and screamed.

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The Labors of Ki’shto’ba Huge-Head: Volume Two: The Storm-Wing by Lorinda J Taylor


If you enjoy tales of high adventure and battles with strange monsters (with a theme of sibling rivalry running through the mix), you will love The Storm-Wing! At the end of v.1 (The War of the Stolen Mother), the Champion of the Shshi (termite people) Ki’shto’ba Huge-Head and its Companions set out to cross the dangerous Nu’wiv’mi Marsh on their way to visit a friend in the mountains. They soon encounter and do battle with the Marsh Guardians – huge sauro-avians that attack from the air with beak, claw, showers of poisonous dung, and barbed feathers. Ki’shto’ba lops off the leg of the King-Bird but fails to kill him, with consequences that will prove ominous. Ki’shto’ba battles other monsters in this exciting tale, gaining the surname of “Monster-Slayer.” The Companions also encounter the Marchers, a Shshi people ruled by another great Champion. Ki’shto’ba’s twin A’zhu’lo forms an unlikely friendship with the Marchers’ own Champion. After the Marchers’ Seer pronounces some disturbing prophecies regarding the Quest, A’zhu’lo decides to stay behind and fight for the Marchers when the rest of the Companions leave for Northern Nasute lands …

Believing In Horses by Valerie Ormond


Sadie Navarro moves for the sixth time to a new home, only to find her Navy dad departing to Afghanistan for a year. To ease the transition, Sadie’s parents reward their twelve-year-old daughter with the dream of a lifetime, her own horse. While getting to know her new horse, Lucky, Sadie discovers ten horses waiting to be sold at auction and commits to saving them from uncertain futures. Sadie faces challenges head-on and demonstrates how young people can act to bring about change if they believe in what they are doing. In just a few short months, Sadie meets both good and bad people, and experiences joy, fear, disappointment, self-doubt, empowerment, and a level of responsibility she has never known before. Award Winner: Gold Medal, Military Writers Society of America Book Awards; Gold Medal, Stars and Flags Book Awards; Parent Tested Parent Approved Best Product and Official Seal of Approval.

Barnes & Noble

Rusty Bear and Thomas Too by Russ Towne


Enjoy the delightful story of Thomas and Rusty Bear, two most unusual friends who work together to save a sick mama bird and her three babies who are in danger. Once again, Russ Towne takes us on a colorful journey through the experience, adventures and joys of childhood. Rusty Bear and Thomas, Too shows children the power of persistence, compassion, working together, and the magic of imagination.

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