Book Promo Day: 31st October, 2013

The Tsunami of requests for books to be promo’d is drying up folks!

Please don’t let this be a short lived thing – AUTHORS you’ve never had it so good regarding opportunities to get free promotion on this popular blog, so:


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This weeks 6 great entrants are as follows:

REDEMPTION: The Further Adventures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer by Andrew Joyce


Three men come together in the town of Redemption Colorado, each for his own purpose. Huck Finn is a famous lawman not afraid to use his gun to protect the weak. He has come to right a terrible wrong. After his wife’s death, Tom Sawyer does not want to live anymore; he has come to die. The third man, the Laramie Kid, a killer Huck and Tom befriended years earlier has come to kill a man. For these three men Death is a constant companion. For these three men it is their last chance for redemption.

The Reversing World’s Trilogy by J.T. Brown


Harper Grogen has no idea that she is the most powerful creature in Pasmaqon. She recognizes that she is different from other eleven year olds; maybe a little quirky, but magical was not in her self-description. Her inquisitive notion drove her to an old tattered book which held a mysterious stone. Struggling to open the clasp, releasing the stone as, it radiates a glow across her room. She kept the rock in her pocket for secrecy. Her possession of the stone sent her to a world, which had been hidden under the ocean’s fire tornado of “’Reversing Falls.” She found herself fighting for her life in a land that is its own worst compelling character, not knowing who to trust, only the estranged friends that she meets along the way. Oliver, which holds his cover as a trustworthy gnome, and Minsty, a large gentle giant that protects her from the dark creatures, who roam and strip the lands with their ghostly evil presence. She discovers that her adventure holds the key of eternity. She learns her existence is a true mystery that sings along the pages of her ancestor’s mysterious book.

The Adventures of The Hole In The Floor Gang by George E. Roosevelt


The Adventures of the Hole In The Gang is a children’s book (more to come). It can be ordered through me although the first print run is almost sold out. I plan a second book out by Christmas. The Hole In the Gang is a collection of 2 domestic horses, two mustangs, two miniature mules, two dogs and various other creatures that live at and frequent my ranch in southern Colorado.


Dream Weaver by Su Williams


Dream Weaver is a young adult paranormal fiction novel set in snowy Eastern WA state. Move over vampires, werewolves and zombies! There’s a new paranormal in town! DREAM WEAVERS. An ancient, arcane and almost immortal race with the power to cull and control memories and dreams. Dream Weaver Nickolas Benedetti rescues tragedy-torn Emari Sweet from debilitating night terrors after a fiery crash leaves her orphaned at 17, and a brutal assault. But can Nick save Emari from the REAL, living, breathing nightmares that have followed him to her doorstep? I wasn’t asking for PAST. Not even a FUTURE. Just a few less-painful memories to make surviving the PRESENT a bit more bearable.

Barnes & Noble

The Reluctant Savage by Billy Ray Chitwood


All the elements of a fun read: murder, mystery, suspense, romance. (Cuts across genre lines.) Two high school sweethearts reunite after years of separation, find that love still glows… There are obstacles to their love: the murder of a friend, a love triangle, evil doings… All make for a climactic ending.

High school sweethearts, Billy Jay Campbell and Marcie Dangino reunite after many years apart. They discover the fire of their young love still glows brightly. With the Air Force behind him, Billy now works as an investigator for a law firm,

Two problems threaten to spoil his homecoming. Marcie is now married to a junior partner at Clarkson and Dangino, a firm that has occasionally employed him for their investigative work. The second problem occurs when Billy’s close friend and boss is murdered.

The Reluctant Savage follows a mystery that connects murder, romance, and a love triangle.

Don’t miss this fast-paced, gritty novel!

Troll by Richard Sutton


At what point did humanity learn to fear each other? To hate? Paleo-Anthropologist Ariel Connor thinks she knows. She just can’t prove it yet, but her newest find, high in a Norwegian Valley, may give her the proof she needs. Those scary stories we’ve told our children to keep them from roaming too far outside the gleam of the porch light may have come from real incidents, many, many years ago. While Dr. Connor’s excavation continues, the story of what happened is slowly revealed. Two clans are converging on the remaining game lands. One will have to leave their homes, one will tell stories and sing songs of their own bravery. One people will disappear while another will bring their history into the modern world. One way of life will be lost, but does the better way endure? What have we learned from the ancients that would have been better forgotten?


Learning to speak again

Learning to speak again

As many of you will know, my online activities were recently  seriously curtailed, when I had a mild  stroke.  This hit me where it hurts most, as an author!  I only knew something was wrong due to aphasia – speech problems most commonly manifesting as slurring.  Now, I’m not unfamiliar with mild aphasia due to having migraines.  This time it has been far more severe, with the slurring joined by difficulty both comprehending words, things said to me and what I’m trying to say.  At the same time, writing reading were badly hit I now struggle to write at all – even brief things like notes or emails- accurate spelling eluding me much of the time. and word selection a major challenge.  As for reading – I can look at text and discover no meaning or logic to it at all – even if I wrote it!

I’m sure you can imagine how Frustrating, and just plain distressing this is. All I can do is to keep trying – to ‘exercise’ that damaged area of my brain.  But it’s not me who has the hardest task with  it!  In truth it’s everybody else.  My wife, Jenny, has had to learn to understand the gibberish I’m talking, especially when I get tired.  More, others are confronted with the essentially unintelligible.  They need to follow some important advice: Ask. Wait. Liaten.  Most important – be patient. Worst of all is mockery of the fool who can’t speak properly! 

Shortly after the stroke, I as with two doctors, being assessed.  One was very good at making herself understood and asking questions in a way that allowed me o answer with least difficulty.  \the other, however, was much worse.  There were frequent times when I simply sat and stared at him, because I didn’t understand him.  His words were meaningless and even when they appeared to make some sense \i didn’t comprehend what he wanted of me.

Jenny has done well coping with this new, aphasic me. 

All I ask of others is some patient understanding.  I can only do my best to communicate properly, but that’s often s very slow process. littered with errors.

I would guess that few of us can remember how we learned to speak   More of us can recall learning to read and write..It was tough then – it’s worse the second time round!

– Steve

Blog Browser Day: 26th October, 2013

Thanks to last weeks appeal, there are three (3) great blogs recommended for this weeks Blog Browser Day, so give yourselves a treat this weekend and click on the blog names or the photos to visit them.

PLEASE, don’t forget to let me know all about YOUR favourite blogs in time for NEXT weeks post 🙂

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Living Europe

This blog, run by Mikael and Valentina  provides a fascinating insight into Europe’s history and culture.


Mikael. Born in Genoa (Italy) in 1992, half Finnish, I’ve always had a passion for traveling and getting to know and understanding different cultures. After graduating from high school, I performed the military service in the Finnish Army. After that I traveled across Europe, trying to understand the world. Now I’m studying foreign languages applied to International Relations at university in Milan, but I haven’t stopped seeking for knowledge and adventure.


Valentina. I was born in Monza in 1993. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been interested in foreign languages and in discovering different cultures. For this reason I studied English, French and Spanish when I was in high school and, after graduating, I took up Russian and English applied to International Relations.
I’ve always tried to travel as much as possible, across my country, Italy, and across Europe too.

Blog Class: General Readers Blog

Recommended by: drewdog2060drewdog2060

Rating: 5

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Charlton Daines

This blog is run by an intellectual turned indie writer who often has interesting things to say about the journey.

Charlton Daines Logo

Charlton Daines is an academic and an afficionado of fine Literature. As such, he has sought to add to the collective of world Literature with the occasional selection that might appeal to those with a love of Classics and Historical Fiction.

The occasional spot of Humour or flights of fancy are likely to slip into this all too serious catalogue of self-indulgent scribblings.

Charlton Daines was born in London, but currently lives in the middle of England with his family, which includes an odd selection of common and pedigree cats.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Jaq D Hawkins

Rating: 5 Star

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My beautiful picture

Sharon M. Desruisseaux is a fascinating and intelligent person who writes about word meanings and has a very positive attitude towards everything.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Jaq D Hawkins

Rating: 5 Star

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Further Update on Steve Smy’s Progress


Steve is out of hospital and back home under medication to reduce the risk of further strokes and is (hopefully) resting and recovering, although where Jenny and the family are going to get enough rope from to tie him to his bed or chair is a puzzle.

He is also having problems with his Computer and is unable to respond directly to all those who have left comments of support and good wishes on his blog and The Story Reading Ape’s blog, so he has asked that I extend his thanks to all of you and that he is deeply touched by all your support and good wishes.

Book Promo Day: 24th October, 2013

Today’s Book Promo on behalf of Steve Smy (STILL from the Tsunami of entrants) this weeks 6 books are as follows:

THE FAIRY FLY by Lori R. Lopez


A Black Widow queen, a big bad Wolf Spider, and a Hit-Mantis are but a few of the obstacles for a spunky little spider who must find his way home through a strange land of giants in this witty fairytale fantasy for kids and adults.

Transported out of his element into a realm of dangers and foes, Spider is aided by the insects and arachnids he befriends, but only he can see the Fairy Fly. Is she real or imagined? This whimsical novel about finding oneself while feeling small in a big world takes a step back and several steps downward to peep at humanity from below. At the same time, the story is an allegory of the human condition: life and death matters, war and peace, our everyday struggles on a tiny scale. Part humorous, part philosophical, at times poetic . . . it celebrates a love for animals, books and words. View the planet from a different angle as you take a spiderwalk through the door to adventure.

Slingshot by Dawn Martinez


Wild southern cowgirl Celeste has reached a crossroads in her life. She still loves her life as a rancher, but after many years as a devoted wife, she’s hit a wall with her marriage. An unexpected opportunity comes her way when her best friend, Geraldy, asks her to travel with him to his native Haiti to help with disaster relief efforts after the devastating earthquake. Strong-willed and resourceful, armed with her trusty slingshot and hunting knife, Celeste invades Haiti as a loving force for good…and in the process, she collides with Captain Valis, the strong, sexy official of the United Nations support force. The electricity between them is immediate…and confusing! Valis is a lone wolf who is used to loving women and leaving them; Celeste is a wild spitfire whose womanhood has been unappreciated for too long. Against the exotic and heartrending backdrop of their humanitarian work in Haiti, a compelling love story unfolds…of two wild spirits who met their match in circumstances neither of them could have imagined!

Vorn by Antonio Henry


Four tales from a ruthless realm. Four tales from a fantasy that should not be. Enter a world that favours none. Where life curses many, and the hearts of men are revealed to be petty and cruel. From the tribulations of gods to the strife of the meek, the heinous fates of Vorn marks all. These are such fates…. Details: ‘Vorn’ contains four short stories revolving around the dark fantasy world named Vorn. This includes a story about a god of eternal hatred, a psychopathic obsessive ghost, a father of a forbidden child, and a demon’s perverse sense of justice.

The book is currently available at the marketplace where it was self-published.

Chase Tinker and the House of Magic (The Chase Tinker Series, Book 1) by Malia Ann Haberman


In this fun, thrilling, delightful middle-grade/tween fantasy, which was inspired by a dream I had one night, 13-year-old Chase Tinker and his younger brother Andy learn the truth about their family’s magical heritage from a grandfather they thought to be long dead. This grandfather soon invites them to come visit him in his gigantic, magical house on a remote island in Puget Sound – a house where practically every room has its own unique superpower. When there, the boys also learn that their family has been battling a Dark Enemy for generations, always fighting to preserve the mysterious “Relic” that holds the key to all the Tinker magic. This terrifying enemy is bound and determined to get their hands on this powerful Relic, and the incredibly magical house. Chase can’t believe his dad has been keeping so much from him and his brother. Now Chase must find a way to stop these evil beings, while at the same time seeking the truth about what has happened to his missing dad, unraveling even more secrets and lies, and not letting on that he has his own secret crush on the housekeeper’s beautiful daughter.

Pie An Old Brown Horse (That Knows What He Is Doing) by Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo


This five star Readers’ Favorite review book is the story of a twenty five year old ranch horse that was injured and pretty much left to die. He was brought to a stable and sold, even though no one really expected him to survive. He was reborn into a merchant of hope. His amazing spirit and calmness have helped many people over the next 13 years as he became the most amazing mentor and therapy horse. This is Pie’s story as he tells it about the most amazing second chance at life and his travels through it. You will meet his person, a shy young girl who he helps grow into adulthood. He will introduce you to the other horses and people that helped shape his journey. His influence has known no bounds throughout this last 13 years and he continues to shine his light even at the ripe old age of 38. This is a feel good story about life, love, second chances and giving back.

Finding Amy by Carol Braswell


When Texas Ranger, Carson Garrett is assigned to locate and place in protective custody the wife of a man suspected of illegal activities with a Columbian drug lord, it turns into more than routine. The estranged husband has put out a hit on his wife and the only person who knows where she is hiding is her twin sister, Amy Summers. It is a race against time for Carson to find Amy, convenience her of the imminent danger and get her to lead him to Jamie so he can escort both women and Jamie’s four-year-old child back to Texas. Besides the obvious problems of running from a man who is trying to kill them, Carson and Amy have an instant attraction to each other and it is clouding his usual sharp judgment and causing them both to make costly mistakes.

Update about Author Steve Smy


I received a message from Steve’s son Damien this morning, unfortunately, Steve had at least one small stroke over the weekend and has gone into Hospital for treatment and observation, it is not known at this time how long he will be there, but I will keep everyone updated as best I can.

Please DO NOT email Steve, it will not be possible for him, his family, or me, to access them, so they may get deleted by the Email provider before he gets to see them.

Knowing that Steve’s friends, followers and blog visitors, will all want to join me in wishing Steve a speedy recovery, and to give encouragement to his family, please use the comments box below this article to leave your messages, they can be accessed by Steve’s family.

Meanwhile, as arranged by Steve some weeks ago as a precaution against such an eventuality, I will continue issuing Steve’s weekly Book Promo and Blog Browser Day articles each Thursday and Saturday, and hopefully, some other articles as well, so please tune into them and support both these projects set up by Steve to support authors and bloggers.

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Blog Browser Day: 19th October, 2013

Thanks to last weeks appeal, there are the five (5) great blogs recommended for this weeks Blog Browser Day, so give yourselves a treat this weekend and click on the blog names to visit them.

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Ailsa Abraham

Some author interviews, free stories, my observations on life, knitting, teddy bears, motorbikes and other animals

Blog Class: General Readers Blog

Recommended by: Ailsa Abraham

Rating: Own Blog

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Jems Books

This blog offers many author interviews, as well as news. Its fun to read and Janice does an amazing job presenting her interviews.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: D H Dunne

Rating: 5 Star

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language in the blood

Blog about the background to my first book and the struggle in writing it’s follow up while working a full-time job in Monaco.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Angela Lockwood

Rating: 4 Star

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Clare O’Dea writing

Clare writes about her experiences as a writer, the problems we all struggle with, and the rewards. She illustrates her posts with photographs of her environment that give them a sense of place and meaning.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Jane Dougherty

Rating: 4 Star

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Behind the Story

Chris, I want to recommend this interesting blog by Nicki Chen but I am not sure which “blog class” it belongs to. The blog owner is a fiction writer, but most of her posts do not promote her “works”.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Hari Qhuang

Rating: 5 Star

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Background to”G1: The Guardians” #6

Sub-Continental Nations Defence Union (SCNDU)

The negotiations which ultimately led to the establishment of SCNDU were extremely protracted, with the plenipotentiaries* involved being changed several times, especially by India and Pakistan, whose long history of enmity almost proved too great a stumbling block.  However, the invasion of Tajikistan two years into the process focussed minds on reaching a Treaty with minimal further delay.  In fact, the announcement that the Treaty of Lalitpur had been signed and ratified by all concerned nations shocked the world, who had been convinced that no agreement could ever be reached.

SCNDU comprises India and Pakistan (the ‘superpowers’), together with Bangladesh, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and several other small countries.  Each contributes a single Delegate to the Great Council, a  top ranking military officer to the Defence Committee, and a top ranking police officer to the Internal Security Committee.  In the event of an external threat, the Great Council consults with the Defence Committee until such time as military operations become unavoidable.  If such military action becomes necessary, the Internal Security Committee becomes an active adjunct to the Defence Committee.  Since creation, no such emergencies have occurred, which is seen as validation of SCNDU.

* Plenipotentiaries were used due to lack of genuinely secure communications.  The Delegates to the Great Council also hold plenipotentiary status.

Global Council of Nations (GCN)

The successor to the United Nations, which proved ever more ineffective in a rapidly changing world, particularly with the bias towards countries no longer of great significance politically or militarily.  The power of veto enjoyed by such powers led to a mass resignation of members, who established the GCN instead.  With no other option open to them, the veto holders terminated the United Nations and eventually applied for membership of the GCN.

The structure of the GCN is less convoluted and relies far less on administration than on action.  While the GCN will act as arbitrators in international disputes, they refuse to maintain military or paramilitary policing rights or duties.  They do, however, have extensive powers in dealing with criminal activities, including the power to either work with or supersede national police forces when dealing with international crimes and criminals.  The concept of extradition treaties between nations has been largely eliminated as the GCN has immediate global jurisdiction when a crime or criminal crosses national borders.  This role was a fortunate inclusion when Interpol was wrecked in the collapse of Europe some six years later.  The GCN Criminal Division consists of the Investigations Bureau and the Global Courts.  The Investigations Bureau maintains a network of offices worldwide, overt agents and covert operatives.  The Guardians maintain a close relationship with the Criminal Division, in a policy designed to minimise the risk of international difficulties, thanks to aides attached to the Ministry and the reputation of the Director.  Terrorism, drugs, and other major criminal endeavours have been severely damaged thanks to the Criminal Division.

Several international disputes which could have led to war have been successfully arbitrated by the GCN.  This success is thanks to the fact that the Arbitration Bureau is trusted by all nations.  The fact that no nation has more than a single voice in the General Council, and the GCN enjoys full financial and political autonomy has made it far more honest, with the historic excessive influence exercised by the superpowers eliminated.  Its headquartering in Switzerland has also eliminated distrust of American influence.  Committees are formed by a strictly secret ballot for membership, held within just two hours of the ballot announcement, which diminishes the risk of secret deals being made prior to voting.  Members found to be in contravention of any anti-corruption regulations are subject to exclusion from all but the obligations to the Criminal Division and to emergency relief operations.  They may reapply for membership after five years.

Global Sports Protection Federation (GSPF)

Replacing the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and numerous other international sports governing bodies, in the face of ever increasing allegations of corruption, and an increase in politically (and even partisan) motivated terror attacks on sports teams and individuals, the GSPF has proven a far more effective body.  Coordinating with the GCN’s Criminal Division has seen most terror attacks eliminated and corruption, especially involving global gambling consortia, has been almost completely crushed.  Athletes in all sports are now free to participate in their sports without fear.  That said, athletes found to be in violation of regulations governing drug use and other forms of cheating can expect to be treated extremely harshly.  The growth of enhancement technology (mostly implants created to help persons suffering disabilities) saw a brief flurry of ‘tech cheats’ but these were quickly identified and banned for life from all sports.  In addition to governing sports (including rules oversight), promotion of sports individually and collectively (such as the continuation of the Olympic Games),  and protecting athletes and sports, the GSPF also guarantees a fair income for all athletes, by subsidy where necessary.

Book Promo Day: 17th October, 2013

The Tsunami of entrants is still going strong, this weeks 6 entrants are as follows:

Recommended by Laurie Buchanan

Time at the Top by Edward Ormondroyd


For Age 8 and up

It’s strange enough when Susan Shaw disappears without a trace on a wintry March afternoon. It’s stranger still when her uninformative note is found in the hallway of her apartment building, along with a black cat that no one has seen before. And it’s strangest of all when she suddenly appears again, wearing clothes that are eighty years out of date, and tells a wild story about an old woman with a fly-away hat, an elevator that travels into the past, and a distressed family that only she can save. Who is going to believe such a tale? Certainly not her father. But Susan is determined to prove to him that it’s all true. And she has other plans for him as well…

Who, in fact, could believe such a tale? Even the author, who takes part in the story, has his doubts. But just as those doubts are all laid to rest, the mystery thickens once more. This time it’s a double disappearance…

Curse – Book 1 of the Wexkia trilogy by Dale Furse


Nell lives on a beach with only her mysterious father and close neighbours for company. As her seventeenth birthday approaches, she experiences something strange – suddenly, she can communicate with animals and sense other people’s feelings. Her life is turned upside-down when she learns the frightening truth about who she really is and discovers that her life is in danger.

With friend Sam by her side, she travels to an alien world where she must defend herself against her enemies and, using her newly acquired abilities, find a secret book that contains the truth about her ancestry – whatever that may be!

Author, Dale Furse takes us on a fantastic adventure to a world inhabited by bizarre beings. Confused by her life-changing experiences and facing an uncertain future, who can Nell trust to help her?

A God for All Seasons by Patti Tingen


As nature’s seasons change, so too do the seasons of our soul. But God’s love never changes. He is with us through every season of our lives. Join author Patti Tingen in a year of exploration as she reflects on her own spiritual journey, and provides hope and encouragement for yours – month by month, season by season. Find reassurance and pause for reflection in the inspirational readings for each month of the year.

PURE TRASH, The Story by Bette A. Stevens


The year is 1955. If you grew up in the 1950s and the 1960s, you may be among those who like to recall those good old “Happy Days” of television fame. Even younger generations enjoy watching the old TV reruns to get a peek into what life was like back then.

Nine-year-old Shawn Daniels is ready to embark on a Saturday adventure with his younger brother Willie. They’re off to search for trash to turn into treasure. It’s going to be a great day. Shawn is sure of it. No school and no bullies to remind him that he’s not one of the crowd.

PURE TRASH is a story about bullies and what it’s like to be bullied. It may redefine your concept of bullying. If you were a child who was thought of as “different” in some way, you know what bullying is about: torment, persecution, intimidation, to name a few of its descriptors. For Shawn and Willie, their difference was based upon the social status of the dysfunctional family and the alcoholism and abject poverty in which they grew up.

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap by Paulette Mahurin


A women’s Brokeback Mountain. The year 1895 was filled with memorable historical events: the Dreyfus Affair divided France; Booker T. Washington gave his Atlanta address; the United States expanded the effects of the Monroe Doctrine to cover South America; and Oscar Wilde was tried and convicted for gross indecency under Britain’s recently passed law that made sex between males a criminal offense. When news of Wilde’s conviction went out over telegraphs worldwide, it threw a small Nevada town into chaos. This is the story of what happened when the lives of its citizens were impacted by the news of Oscar Wilde’s imprisonment. It is a chronicle of hatred and prejudice with all its unintended and devastating consequences, and how love and friendship bring strength and healing.

All profits are going to Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center, Ventura County, CA. (the first and only no-kill animal shelter in Ventura County). For more info contact the author through facebook. Buy a book; save a life.

Linger and Other Short Stories by Glynis Rankin


This compilation of short stories has the human condition on display. In this book you will find triumphs over insurmountable odds and surrender in the wake of misery and despair and everything in between.

These five stories will bring you to tears, will enrage you, will make you cheer and have you wanting to hug those you hold dear more closely. If you enjoy reading stories with real life issues and unpredictable endings then these will whet your appetite and leave you wanting more.