Blog Browser Day: 28th September, 2013

Here are the six (6) great blogs recommended for this weeks Blog Browser Day.  Why not give yourselves a treat this weekend and visit them by clicking on their titles 🙂

Goblins & Steampunk

Author blog for Fantasy writer Jaq D Hawkins, giving updates on new titles as well as writer’s commentary and discussion.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Jaq D Hawkins

Rating: Own Blog

Confirmed Family Safe? Yes

StrokeMan’s Woman

A woman whose husband suffered a stroke pulling them from a busy life and turning her into his caregiver. This blog is helpful for anyone who has struggle with health issues and the grief process….and she is a wonderful writer.

Blog Class: General Blog

Recommended by: worldsbeforethedoor

Rating: 5 Stars

Confirmed Family SafeYes

Worlds Before the Door

On this blog I share not only a weekly series, but also thoughts about movies, books, and music. I write warrior stories and tend to read a lot of military history along with some fantasy. My story, When Skies are Gray, is featured at this time each Friday in readable 4000 word sections. It is a fantasy crime thriller about a serial killer who hunts a family over two generations. But more than that, it is a story of revenge, healing, and mercy.

Blog Class: General Blog

Recommended by: worldsbeforethedoor

Rating: 3 Stars

Confirmed Family SafeYes

K Cross Writing

It’s a blog on my experiences as I work towards self publishing. A lot of what I post is stuff I have learned along the way. I try and stay away from ‘This is how you do it’ because I’m still a newbie at this. Instead, I do a lot to share my research and what information I garner as I try and publish. Also, I help showcase authors who have self published books and need some help with marketing or book reviews.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Katie Cross

Rating: Own Blog

Confirmed Family SafeYes

From A Clogged Mind

This blog is designed to showcase my poetry, stories and any opinions on writing

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Robert C Price

Rating: Own Blog

Confirmed Family SafeYes

Trauma Talk

Trauma Talk is a weekly blog offering insight and information about Complex PTSD and its symptoms of excruciating anxiety and depression resulting from emotional abuse caused by recurring complex trauma. Author Lily Scot is a trauma survivor who hopes to bring knowledge and support to those suffering from Complex PTSD and those with affected family members, friends and coworkers. Lily’s posts blend poignant personal accounts of trauma, resilience and recovery with references and discussions of nonfiction literature and scientific resources about Complex PTSD. She also treats the subject of emotional abuse within the larger context of global societal challenges to cure the increasing epidemic of Complex PTSD in a terrorized world. Lily Scot has authored “Sating the Preta: A memoir about finding the person I was before the chaos began,” soon to be published. She invites you to meet up with her on Trauma Talk for good reading and discussion.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Lily Scot

Rating: Own Blog

Confirmed Family SafeYes

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About The Story Reading Ape

I am what my name states, an ape of the primate species called Homo Sapiens Sapiens. My blog is intended to present New (to me) Authors, whose stories or books I have read and enjoyed, so that anyone who happens to stumble onto this blog, while searching for a book to read, or, a new (to them) author to try, may find what they seek, or, at least, inspiration. I have also made the blog an Author Promotions Enterprise to be a platform for authors to introduce themselves to potential readers and to provide advice and tips resources information they can use to improve and enhance their story telling efforts. Please be advised that I reserve the right to remove, or decline to publish, any comments that I deem inappropriate.

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