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This has to be fairly brief, to fit between episodes of narcolepsy and other difficulties.  Please, don’t take this to signify that I am back or even active!

I have, from time to time wondered whether there is a difference between an article appearing on a third party’s site and a guest post.  I guess now is not a good time for me to resolve such a knotty problem… you need an effectively operative brain for such things.  That aside, I have, from time to time, written whatever they are.  Unfortunately, there’s no hope of tracking them down unless prompted by those who hosted such writings. ramblings or whatever they should be classified as.  However, prior to the loss of ability to process even simple thought, I was kindly asked to write a Guest Post for the blog of thriller author Eric J Gates.  By some happy foresight, I actually wrote the piece in time to miss the current bout of pea-souper fog afflicting my alleged mind!  As a result, this piece will, at least for the time being, appear on the following list of Articles/Guest Posts:

Hopefully, this list will grow!  This post will drift down the blog page but, you will be able to locate it through the top menu/side menu, under Works by Steve K Smy–>Published Works—>Articles

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Blog Browser Day: 28th September, 2013

Here are the six (6) great blogs recommended for this weeks Blog Browser Day.  Why not give yourselves a treat this weekend and visit them by clicking on their titles 🙂

Goblins & Steampunk

Author blog for Fantasy writer Jaq D Hawkins, giving updates on new titles as well as writer’s commentary and discussion.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Jaq D Hawkins

Rating: Own Blog

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StrokeMan’s Woman

A woman whose husband suffered a stroke pulling them from a busy life and turning her into his caregiver. This blog is helpful for anyone who has struggle with health issues and the grief process….and she is a wonderful writer.

Blog Class: General Blog

Recommended by: worldsbeforethedoor

Rating: 5 Stars

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Worlds Before the Door

On this blog I share not only a weekly series, but also thoughts about movies, books, and music. I write warrior stories and tend to read a lot of military history along with some fantasy. My story, When Skies are Gray, is featured at this time each Friday in readable 4000 word sections. It is a fantasy crime thriller about a serial killer who hunts a family over two generations. But more than that, it is a story of revenge, healing, and mercy.

Blog Class: General Blog

Recommended by: worldsbeforethedoor

Rating: 3 Stars

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K Cross Writing

It’s a blog on my experiences as I work towards self publishing. A lot of what I post is stuff I have learned along the way. I try and stay away from ‘This is how you do it’ because I’m still a newbie at this. Instead, I do a lot to share my research and what information I garner as I try and publish. Also, I help showcase authors who have self published books and need some help with marketing or book reviews.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Katie Cross

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From A Clogged Mind

This blog is designed to showcase my poetry, stories and any opinions on writing

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Trauma Talk

Trauma Talk is a weekly blog offering insight and information about Complex PTSD and its symptoms of excruciating anxiety and depression resulting from emotional abuse caused by recurring complex trauma. Author Lily Scot is a trauma survivor who hopes to bring knowledge and support to those suffering from Complex PTSD and those with affected family members, friends and coworkers. Lily’s posts blend poignant personal accounts of trauma, resilience and recovery with references and discussions of nonfiction literature and scientific resources about Complex PTSD. She also treats the subject of emotional abuse within the larger context of global societal challenges to cure the increasing epidemic of Complex PTSD in a terrorized world. Lily Scot has authored “Sating the Preta: A memoir about finding the person I was before the chaos began,” soon to be published. She invites you to meet up with her on Trauma Talk for good reading and discussion.

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Author Interview with Jade Kerrion on her newest release, Perfection Challenged

I’m delighted to present an author interview with Jade Kerrion who’s here to talk about how she got into writing and her latest novel, Perfection Challenged.

1. Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I started writing at the age of thirteen when my school essays were returned to me with a bunch of “A”s scrawled over the top. Teenagers are impressionable. Being much more impressionable than most, and believing that my teachers knew what they were doing, I figured I was destined to be a writer. It’s only taken me tens of thousands of hours of work since then to be halfway decent at writing (and I’m still learning each day), but one has to start somewhere.

2. When did you start taking writing seriously?

In November 2010, my husband challenged me to stop writing for fun and to start writing as a career. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) 2010 was the trigger. I spent that month writing Perfection Unleashed, my debut novel.

3. How many books have you written?

I released Perfection Unleashed in June 2012. To date, I have published six books; I’ve just released Perfection Challenged, the conclusion of my seven-time award-winning Double Helix series. I have another novel, Eternal Night, a paranormal romance/fantasy set in the future (sounds odd, doesn’t it?), scheduled for release in 2013.

4. What was your journey to becoming an author like?

Rocky, as most journeys are. For a while, I explored traditional publishing, but then decided I was too much of a control freak to take to traditional publishing. I preferred having creative control over my writing, artistic control over my covers, and process control over my publishing schedules. In the end, self-publishing made the most sense for me. That said, I do have a foot in the door of traditional publishing. McSill Literary Agency represents Portuguese rights for my Double Helix series.

5. Is there anything specifically that helps you write better/inspires you?

I think I’m past the stage of needing inspiration; writing is more of a compulsion now. In general, I have a compulsive personality; people like me should never get exposed to alcohol, cigarettes, or recreational drugs – we’re easy prey. Years ago, computer gaming and writing used to go hand-in-hand for me. My characters from my computer games inspired my writing. Since then, however, my characters have taken on a life of their own and thus, I have been freed to happily obsess about them without needing the occasional computer gaming boost to sustain them.

6. What’s the hardest part of writing for you?

The hardest part is stopping. After multiple rounds of self-editing, several weeks of working with my editor, and several rounds of proofreading, I have to put the manuscript away and say “done.” I think it is entirely possible to edit forever, but at some point, you have to stop and send the book out into the world.

7. Do you have a specific writing style?

Third person past tense? To be honest, I’m not sure I know the response to this question. Some people say my style is much like one author or another (which would be an interesting feat, considering I’ve never read some of those authors.) Broadly, I’d say that my style tends to resemble serials or movies. I grew up writing fan fiction, and got accustomed to writing sections of chapters that almost inevitably ended on a cliffhanger just because that’s the way fan fiction is usually consumed on online fan forums. In addition, I write the movie I see in my head, and not surprisingly, people have commented that reading my books is like watching a movie.

8. Who is your favorite author?

Neil Gaiman is pure genius in his storytelling ability. I’m a huge fan of his Sandman series.

9. What are your favorite books and what genres do you prefer?

Science fiction and fantasy are my favorite genres to read and write. I’ve especially enjoyed the Belgariad and Mallorean series by David Eddings. To unwind, I settle down with a sweet and satisfying romance, preferably Nora Roberts. I also enjoy thrillers, especially some of Robert Ludlum’s novels.

10. What is some good advice/tips for young writers/aspiring unpublished authors?

Success in any new career takes time. Be patient. Invest in yourself – understand your strengths and weaknesses as a writer and be committed to continual learning and constant growth. It is said that it takes 10,000 hours of work to become an expert in a field. That’s approximately 5 years of full time 8-to-5 work, and you need to be prepared to make the investment of your time and resources for the long haul.

11. Advice for getting rid of writer’s block?

I think writer’s block is just an excuse. Writing is a discipline, like going to school or work each day, like exercising and eating healthy. It’s just something to have to do because it’s an expectation for achieving your career goals as a writer. Maybe that particular scene isn’t working out the way you want, well, work on another, but work on something. Thomas Edison said it best, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Today, you may not have the 1%, but you sure can muster up the 99% because that is under your control.

12. A favorite quote of yours you’d like to share?

Neil Gaiman’s character, Death, from the Sandman series, utters my favorite quote, “It always ends. That’s what gives it value.” That quote reminds me that what makes any experience, even life as a whole, valuable, is the fact that it ends. Because it ends, every moment is that much more precious and beautiful. Savor it.

13. What would you be if you didn’t become an author?

Well, I’m already several things. In addition to author, wife, and mother, I work full time in an education company in the area of business and learning strategy. I enjoy my job very much and don’t have any intention of quitting. People often ask how I find time to do everything I do. My response is always the same, “You’ll always manage to find time for the things that matter. Oh, and I don’t sleep much.”

14. Can you share some info about your current work with us?

Danyael Sabre’s hard-won normal life shattered the day Zara Itani freed the genetically engineered perfect human being, Galahad, from his laboratory prison. Three years have since passed. Danyael has survived months of brutal torture and the grind of quiet despite without losing the core of compassion that makes him the most compelling and infuriating man Zara has ever known.

Danyael’s greatest challenge, nevertheless, lies ahead of him. In Perfection Challenged,Danyael is forced to confront his own mortality and Galahad’s hate. At the end of his road, will he remain true to his convictions or sacrifice all to protect the woman he loves from the man who hates him?

15. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Only that I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed my novels. To every one of you, thank you for sharing this journey with me. Your enthusiasm, support, and love for my characters are the reasons I keep writing. I hope you keep hanging around. The best is yet to come.

“The best of the four books…the perfect ending to an amazing series.”

Perfection Challenged, the thrilling conclusion to the multiple award-winning, bestsellingDOUBLE HELIX series, is finally here. Grab your copy today.

If you’ve never picked up the DOUBLE HELIX series, keep reading for a special offer on the six-time award-winning novel, Perfection Unleashed.

perfection-challenged-600x800PERFECTION CHALLENGED

An alpha empath, Danyael Sabre has survived abominations and super soldiers, terrorists and assassins, but he cannot survive his failing body. He wants only to live out his final days in peace, but life and the woman he loves, the assassin Zara Itani, have other plans for him.

Galahad, the perfect human being created by Pioneer Labs, is branded an international threat, and Danyael is appointed his jury, judge, and executioner. Danyael alone believes that Galahad can be the salvation that the world needs, but is the empath blinded by the fact that Galahad shares his genes, and the hope that there is something of him in Galahad?

In a desperate race against time and his own dying body, Danyael struggles to find fragments of good in the perfect human being, and comes to the wrenching realization that his greatest battle will be a battle for the heart of the man who hates him.

E-books available at Amazon / Amazon UK / Apple iTunes / Barnes & Noble / Kobo /Smashwords

Paperbacks available at Amazon / Amazon UK


“Higher octane than Heroes. More heart than X-Men.”

Recipient of six literary awards, including First place in Science Fiction, Reader Views Literary Awards 2012 and Gold medal winner, Science Fiction, Readers Favorites 2013.

FOR A LIMITED TIME, E-BOOKS AVAILABLE FOR JUST $0.99 (Discounted from $2.99)

E-books available at Amazon / Amazon UK / Apple /Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Smashwords

Paperbacks available at Amazon / Amazon UK / Barnes & Noble / Book Depository

Connect with Jade Kerrion: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Book Promo Day: 26th September, 2013

Due to the Tsunami response to my post on 24th, I have had to limit the number of books to six, but if you’ve made a submission and yours is not in this article, DON’T PANIC, it just means that it will appear either NEXT Thursday 3rd October, OR the FOLLOWING Thursday 10th October, or even on any Thursday thereafter 🙂

This weeks SIX (6) great entrants are as follows:

Involution-An Odyssey reconciling Science to God by Philippa Rees


Two companions Reason and Soul embark upon a light-hearted poetic journey through creation’s evolution, and its legacy, memory. Memory’s recovery is traced through the intuitions of scientific genius: from pre-Socratic Greece, through the epochs of Western thought to the dissolution of Modernism, where mind and matter approach their . recovered and essential unity. Adding involution to evolution is adding yeast to flour; it bakes a lighter loaf. Saints and scientists break the same bread. What is revealed ia a science beyond, one that honours its prophets, and restores man to his origins, his deeper self. 6 Amazon reviews all 5*

Available from Author direct inc postage and signed HERE

Illegally Innocent by Angela Bacon

Illegally Innocent

What would you do if the government banned your career? Grace Hampton is comfortably settled into her job as a bioenergetic practitioner when the government outlaws her profession and the products she uses to improve her clients’ health. Committed to helping people conquer illness, Grace is forced to join up with a former flame, Jake Pennington, in order to smuggle herbal supplements and other non-traditional health remedies into the United States. What if the people you are trying to help decide you are not worth the risk? As time passes, Grace must learn to discern between those who are fully devoted to protecting her life and her business and those who are not. In the midst of her family attempting to persuade her to change careers, her office’s landlord dismissing her from the premises, and deciding to take on more serious health cases than she ever has before, Grace is not always as careful as she should be… Should you ever trust a liar? As Grace and Jake spend increasing amounts of time together, Grace’s wounded heart softens; she wrestles with whether or not to trust him, especially when an inquisitive policewoman steps into their lives. A phone call in the middle of the night changes everything. Her job is illegal, but she’s innocent of doing harm.

London Tube by Evi Routoula

London Tube

London tube: seven different stations take part into seven different stories. Seven stations that play a significant role to the lives of different passengers. A trip from the beginning of London tube till nowadays.

Shaman’s Drum by Ailsa Abraham


In the very near future in our own world, the major religions have been banned. Paganism in all its forms has filled the void but they are at each others’ throats. Two magic users from opposing faiths have been imprisoned for their crime of falling in love. They are offered an opportunity to be together but to achieve this they must solve a mystery, fight demons, uncover traitors and seek help from unexpected sources including an under-cover Christian Granny, New-Agers and three very energetic Goths. Reviews have called it Indiana Jones meets Harry Potter but for grown-ups.

Wander Home by Karen A. Wyle


Death is what you make it. . . . Eleanor never wanted to leave the daughter she loved so much. The overpowering urge to wander — to search, without knowing what she sought — drove her away. She left little Cassidy in her family’s loving care. But Cassidy and the others died in an accident before Eleanor could find her way home. Now, they are all reunited, in an afterlife where nothing is truly lost. Places once loved may be revisited, memories relived and even shared. One may be any age suitable to the mood and moment. Surely this is a place where Eleanor and her family can understand and heal. But some of the memories haunting Eleanor are of dreams she had tried to forget. Somehow, she must solve the mystery of her life — or none of them will be at peace.

Isle of Larus by Kathy Sharp

Isle of Larus

The four guardians of the Isle of Larus have been enjoying quiet and comfortable lives, with nothing more than the occasional shipwreck to trouble them – but all that is about to change. The Spirit of the Sea decides to send a series of alarming events to test and teach them, as well as providing himself with hours of entertainment at their expense. For the first test, how will the guardians cope with the arrival of a fleet of completely impossible ships? Not too well at all, it would seem. And that is just the beginning…

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And Apologies…

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An Interview With Jack Pellari, Member of G1 (Dept G)

This has to be regarded as the greatest privilege barring actually obtaining an interview with the Director of the Guardians himself.  Jack Pellari alone almost equals the phenomenal powers of that great man, but the likelihood of ever obtaining an interview with Siribahta Dhal equates with becoming genuinely immortal!

I tried to persuade Jack to meet me in the same hotel setting as when I interviewed Matt Carter but he refused, being acutely shy of public places.  Instead, by special permission, we’re in a small but comfortable sitting room of a cottage.  Due to the security methods employed, I have no idea where the cottage is located.  I’m not even sure of how long it took to arrive here!

Jack is nervous, wary.  I suspect that this will prove to be a difficult interview, despite all my special training…


Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Mr Pellari.

No thanks are needed.  I’m under orders.

I see.  I apologise if that makes you uncomfortable…  Can I begin by asking when and where you were born?

‘When’, I’ll keep to myself, but it was a long time ago.  ‘Where’?  In London, in a small cluster of homes surrounded by the expanding Docklands.  It was an ugly place to live, especially if you showed any hint of difference, or strangeness.  I only had to suffer it for two years, though, as we moved away as soon as my parents could manage it.

So your talents were revealed when you were very young?

Yes.  I’m what’s referred to as a ‘Brumby’, after the wild horses of Australia, meaning a wild talent.  Most Psychs learn to hide their powers but Brumbies can’t, with their powers best described as ‘volcanic’ – erupting unbidden and often at highly inappropriate times.  I have three brothers and two sisters who  are all Psychs, but I’m the only Brumby.  I ruined all their lives.

That’s a large family.  Where do you come in the order?

I was the youngest.  Things were really hard and my mother was badly malnourished while she was pregnant with me.  In fact, I spent two weeks being cared for by a nurse and my mother was in bedridden for nearly as long, after I was born.  They thought I was unlikely to survive.

If you were a ‘Brumby’, I suppose you had to move often?

Yes, almost every year.  The last time was to a house in the middle of nowhere, up in County Durham, Healdy House.  We had hopes of being able to finally settle down there.  My siblings would go to the local school but I was registered as being what’s called ‘special needs’ now, requiring home care and unable to learn.  I was about ten.  We were there for six years when there was another incident.  I’d wandered too close to the village, about seven miles from home.  A bunch of local youths knew me from rare glimpses.  They started throwing insults, and when they didn’t work, they got physical.  I left them rolling on the ground, blubbing and clutching their heads, and ran for home.

So another move was likely?

No.  My family decided to tough it out this time.  Four of my siblings had married and gotten homes of their own, and good jobs.  My father had been hurt in an accident and couldn’t get work, so finding the money for a move would be almost impossible.  The rest of us unmarried kids were supporting the family as best we could, and my mother had established a good seamstress business locally.  When this incident happened, though, there was real fear of what would happen, especially after the village policeman visited and warned of dark consequences – especially for me.

What happened?

Well, it seems that, even way back then, Siribahta had Psychs who were constantly scanning for psychic events.  They detected the spike when I lost control.  Two days later, Siribahta himself arrived at the house!  He offered to help.  He had an academy, far away in St Osyth, down in Essex.  He said that he could sort out things with the local policeman, mollify the families of the youths, and help me learn to control my powers.  Of course, it meant I’d have to go away with him and live in St Osyth Academy.  My parents, especially my mother, were arguing against it, my siblings were less defensive.  In the end, though,I begged to be allowed to go.  I couldn’t stand the harm I was causing them all!  After half a day of it, my parents finally gave in and consented.  Siribahta  went to the village and returned the next morning.  He’d sorted it all out, but we had to be away before noon.  It was a terrible wrench, and I saw my father cry for the first time in my life.  The excitement of the adventure, though, was growing inside me.  We left a few minutes before noon.

What was the Academy like?

St Osyth Priory It was a rambling old building, full of peculiar nooks and crannies.  If I’d been younger, I would have had a wonderful time exploring it!  It wasn’t far from the ancient Priory that St Osyth is apparently famous for.  And St Osyth is close to the coast, with the option of going to the seaside (at Seawick, Jaywick or Clacton-on-Sea) or to the broad reach of the River Colne, or even down to Flag Creek or Brightlingsea Creek.  There were regular unauthorised jaunts but I only went on supervised trips to populous places, fearing an incident.  St Osyth itself was a beautiful place back then, but I’ve heard that even there has suffered over the last sixty odd years, with blockhouses being built and even some of the historic buildings being bulldozed to make way for those vile places.  I understand that there’s a District Internment Facility at Jaywick, too.  And is it true that the pier at Clacton has collapsed into the sea?  [I nod and he looks very sad.]  I hate to think what has been done to St Osyth…

Anyway, the Academy had Psych ‘Coaches’, who trained us in handling our powers, from helping to bring out borderline latencies to teaching control to us Brumbies.  It was damned hard work, too!  I remember four of the students losing it and rebelling.  They caused total havoc and three of them ran off.  That is, two ran off and one just vanished- teleported away right in front of us!  The fourth was still hurling stuff with telekinesis and was about to do some serious damage to the Coach when Siribahta appeared, though none of us noticed his arrival until he was stood right in front of the kid.  In seconds, he’d calmed her down and she was sat sobbing on the floor, with Siribahta crouched beside her, soothing her gently.  She stayed to complete not only the General Course but  graduated with honours from the Advanced Course.  She was younger than me by at least two years, but she was well ahead of me in the Academy teachings.

What happened to the ones that ran away?

One just disappeared, never to be heard of again.  Another was shot down by police about twenty years later, when he was involved in a bank robbery.  The other one had to be dealt with by G5, some twelve years ago, when he *[TEXT REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS]*

How long were you at the Academy?

Oh, about nine years as a student, for both General and Advanced Courses.  I then remained there as an Assistant Coach, until I was appointed as one of Siribahta’s Aides.  With more contact with the Master, I learnt much, much more.  I had been fond of him, for his rescue of me and for his unshakeable gentility and calm.  Now, I came to think of him more as my grandfather.  I confessed as much to him and it’s become a kind of standing joke for me to call him ‘Grandfather’.

When did the Academy close?

Who says it has?  During the decades of internal strife in Britain, we had to go into hiding.  The old Academy was attacked and ransacked but we had already gone.  The Academy is still active today, but I’m not about to reveal where.  Just accept that we found a safe sanctuary.

So how did you come to be a member of the Guardians?  I would have thought that you would have made an excellent teacher.

I did, too. [A flash of deep grief crosses his visage.]  I was very close to accepting a position on the Academy faculty.  Word reached me that my eldest sister, Hannah, had been killed.  I assumed it was in a riot or something.  I was very wrong.  I had my bags packed and everything when I was summoned by Siribahta.  It was then that I discovered why he was in the habit of being absent for odd periods, without explanation.  By some fluke of circumstance, Hannah and her family had moved to a small hamlet in Scotland just as a local coven of Dark Witches raised an ancient entity.  The moment the thing appeared, it detected Hannah and commanded the coven to destroy her and her children!  Hannah fought, and even tried to call for help, but she had been isolated and she wasn’t strong enough alone.  Her husband, Douglas, also fought, with mundane weapons, and even killed three of the coven, but it wasn’t enough.  The police found what was left of the family in a burnt out ruin.  I lost it then.  I started hunting for any hint of evil.  Twice, I was nearly killed.  The fact that Siribahta and his people had reacted as quickly as possible to the rise of the thing that had ordered Hannah killed, and had sent it, and the dark coven, into oblivion meant nothing.  But the rage couldn’t last forever.  I suffered a complete breakdown.  Later, I heard that Siribahta and the finest Psych healers worked on me then, healing me of the grief, the rage, everything.

Well, anyway, when Siribahta was made Director of the Guardians, it was just natural that I go with him.  The madness was gone, but some debts can never be repaid.  Besides, I opted to be a soldier rather than a teacher.

Have you ever regretted that choice?

Regretted it?  Of course, but I wouldn’t change anything.

I understand that you underwent some very special training with an unusual teacher.  Can you tell us more?


Blog Browser Day: 21st September, 2013

Here are the three great blogs recommended for this weeks Blog Browser Day.  Why not give yourselves a treat this weekend and visit them 🙂

The Labors of Ki’shto’ba Huge-Head

This is my secondary blog, but lately I’ve been posting more here than on the other one. It was meant to promote my series of the same name as the blog – giving information on my publishing progress, discussing the books, etc. However, I also use this blog to talk about myth in literature, with book reviews, discussions of myth, and pertinent extracts from my writing. That subject is appropriate because The Labors of Ki’shto’ba Huge-Head is a retelling of myth and legend in the context of my alien termite civilization. Stop by and take a look, and leave a comment!

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Lorinda J. Taylor

Rating: Own blog

Confirmed Family Safe? Yes.

The Fantasy Worlds of Lita Burke

This is a blog stuffed with fiction writing tips, indie book reviews, and updates about Lita Burke’s novels. The blog also presents videos of fanciful places such Steampunk London and Film Noir. Filled with facts (imagined and otherwise) about mythical places and fantastic creatures, the blog strives for a stylish journey into fantasy worlds.

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: Lita Burke

Rating: Own blog

Confirmed Family Safe? Yes.

Seumus Gallacher

Seumas rants with a strong Scottish accent (even in his writing) and a great sense of humour that even non-scotsfolk will understand and have a great laugh 🙂 It’s well worth (or as Seumas would say WURTH) checking out, especially if your day is not as bright and cheery as you’d like – it’s a great tonic 🙂

Blog Class: Authors Blog

Recommended by: The Story Reading Ape

Rating: 5 for laughs

Confirmed Family Safe? Yes.

Book Promo Day: 19th September, 2013

It is with great pleasure that I am able to post today’s Book Promo and keep it ticking over for Steve while he’s away having a nice refreshing nap and generally taking it easy and recovering.

Please don’t let this be a short lived thing – AUTHORS you’ve never had it so good regarding opportunities to get free promotion on this popular blog, so:


Find the form HERE

This weeks entrants are as follows:

Maggie’s Child by Glynis Smy

Maggie's Child

When farmer’s wife Maggie Sawbury gives birth to her fifth child, the only one that has lived and the result of an extra-marital affair, she is heartbroken and desperate. Maggie knows her joyless life with a bully of a husband is not one a child should endure, and she leaves the baby at the roadside to be found by passers-by. Her money-driven husband announces he has found her another job in the village of Redgrave, aside from the many tasks she has on Windtop farm. He is totally unaware the position comes with a secret. One that frightens and yet brings joy to Maggie. She is to become wet-nurse to her abandoned child. Love, and the possibility of incest, threaten to open old wounds, and Maggie has several decisions to make. However, will they be the right ones? If she tells all she knows, it will bring about the destruction of three families. Equally, her silence could be just as destructive. She shares her secret with another, the result changes her life, and a death brings with it more secrets. Will Maggie stay or will she walk away and find the love she craves?

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Monster Is in the Eye of the Beholder by Lorinda J. Taylor


In this dark and edgy first-contact story, a team of anthropologists discovers a species of truly bizarre intelligent lifeforms called the Kal. The team consists of the leader, an experienced, highly respected female Professor of Xenoanthropology and Linguistics; a young female biomedical specialist; and a still younger male, an expert in alien artifacts. As each team member reacts in a different way to the Kal, the story builds toward a disturbing climax and a conclusion with an unsettling twist of perspective. This novella consistently receives top reviews, mostly 5 star. One reviewer says, “I sat down on a Sunday afternoon thinking I would make a start reading the first few pages, but as it turned out I couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting.”

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African Me & Satellite TV by Jo Robinson

African Me & Satellite TV

African Me & Satellite TV is about a woman finding her strength, the courage to say what she feels, and facing all that her life offers head-on. Suzette struggles with her deeply hidden anger and guilt at the wrongs she perceives done to Africa. She rages inwardly at the suffering all around her in the country of her birth. Zimbabwe. Small or large hurts inflicted by the casual racist remarks and actions of those around her, and the poverty, suffering, and even corruption, that she stubbornly insists is only the fault of colonisation. She feels that her family are some of the worst offenders. But Suzette is afraid of social embarrassment, so she holds her tongue, ignoring most of what happens around her, thereby avoiding any chance of shaming herself or her relatives. Until a tragedy so awful takes place that she can no longer hide her head in the sand. Suzette finds her voice and her world explodes. Events leading up to and following the death of a seemingly poor and simple man, Suzette’s gardener, changes her life and those of her friends forever. This story encompasses many of the darkest deeds committed in apartheid South Africa, as well as the way of life in current day Zimbabwe. It plumbs depths of despair and soars to heights of great joy and laughter, as Suzette claws her way out of her immobilising fear back to life, happiness, but mostly back to love.

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AWOL again!

To all the friends, visitors and followers of Imagineer-ing, this is just a short message to let you all know that since the phenomenally successful launch of his first novel A Darkness in Amazonia Steve is not feeling well enough to write his usual witty and well thought out blog posts, so he requested me to offer you his apologies and fill in a little on his behalf.

I know I speak for everyone when I say that I hope Steve gets well and back to his normal go-getting self really, really soon.

In order to keep Steve’s pet project, BLOG BROWSER DAY, going, I have collected all the submissions made since the last one on 7th September and will have them posted this coming Saturday, 21st September.

If you have not already made a submission, please proceed IMMEDIATELY to the link provided HERE and fill in the form so I can process it before Friday 6:00 pm London, UK time (after that time it will appear on the following Saturday instead)

With regards to Steve’s BOOK PROMO DAY project, I have not found any submissions since the last posting on 12th September, which is sad, since it is a great opportunity he created specifically for all his fellow authors.

I will abide by his rule that it takes at least 3 recommendations to trigger the creation of a post, so if you are an author and have a book you would like promoting, please go to the link HERE and fill in ALL the details requested in the form.  I will try to get a post up on 19th or 26th September.

So, with the fervent wish and hope that Steve will be up and rarin’ to go soon (and take his chair back before I get too attached to it, (literally, since he is a much trimmer person than I am), it’s time for me to sign off and post this article.

Chris Graham