I’m Back and a Roundup of News

My Gratitude for Many Kindnesses

During the last couple of months, I have been well and truly blessed with numerous demonstrations of that old-fashioned thing: Human Kindness!    It is astonishing and not a little overwhelming to have received so many kind  wishes from so many people.  I am humbled.  Deeply so.  There is certainly no way that I can ever repay such warmth.  My recent incapacity was met with even more such kindness, for which I can only offer my most sincere thanks!

I hope that things are now returning to normal.  The most significant aspect of my absence was an unpleasant tendency to fall asleep without warning with great frequency, which made focussing on anything impossible.  It may sound not particularly trying, but it was unfortunately associated with other even less tolerable factors,  So it’s fingers crossed time, that the problem has passed.

My thanks to my son, Damien, for posting about my absence and fielding comments as best he could!  Considering how busy he is himself, it was no small thing for him to do on my behalf.

I Must Refuse!

Recently, I have had several emails from, apparently, other authors.  These offer to ‘send business my way’ if I join the person’s network by clicking on a link in the email, which always involves the website http://www.referralkey.com.  I would like it to be known that I will not ever,under any circumstances, take up such invitations.  I have a very strong suspicion of all such things, I’m afraid.  So, if you have my email address in your contacts and you choose to subscribe to whatever this service might be, I would be grateful if you ensured that you do not submit it to the service.  I should point out that I have attempted to bar such emails, and ‘unsubscribe’ from them, to no effect, which suggests that things are worthy of suspicion.

Last Week’s ‘Book Promo Day’

If anybody’s wondering to last week’s Book Promo Day, it’s a shame but there were no submissions for the day. It is a source of some amazement to me that it can often be such hard work to persuade my fellow authors to take advantage of free advertising!  If you’ve availed yourself of the offer yourself, and maybe even derived some benefit from having done so, perhaps you would be so kind as to suggest to your own contacts that they might like to do the same.  So far, I have received just one submission for the next Book Promo Day.

The Ossilan Affair Reviewed!

I am delighted to say that my novelette, The Ossilan Affair, has been reviewed.  The review can be found on Amazon and is also to be found on LizzieRossWriter.com.  I’d be very grateful if you took a look at one location, or both, and maybe leave some feedback, if you feel so inclined.  Personally, I have to thank Lizzie Ross for her kind review, the award of four stars and her very useful observations.  It is an excellent demonstration of how a review can be helpful to both potential readers and the author.

~ Steve

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About Steve

An author since the age of 13 years, writing again dominates my activities. My "Imagineer-ing" blog is my primary site. Also: Beginner knitter since November 2010. Favourite knitting techniques: cable and lace. Beginner cross stitcher. Beginner jewellery maker. With the promotion of self publication and all the other work that has been going on here, Dad decided around 2am this morning (22/11/2013) that it was time to begin his next adventure. He was seen off earlier the previous evening by myself, my brother, my sister in law, and my sister, as well as his wife (our mum), and an enigmatic being known only as A Lorraine. After this time of story telling, laughing, crying, joking and mickey taking, we saw how tired both mum and dad were, and we decided to leave them under the (sometimes) gentle care of The Lorraine. When Dad found the timetable for his travels, he let Mum know gently, which woke her from her drowsing, then, with the same gentleness he showed in this universe, he boarded his favourite mode of transport, the Interdimensional Steam Train, and set off with a smile and a wave. For those of us closest, that smile was a reminder that his pain has ended, and the wave, an indicator that he will pop in to all those that knew him, from time to time. Usually at the most inconvenient and in opportune moments he can. While we are sad that he is no longer here, we are happy he now has no pain, and is experiencing more extraordinary things that his writers mind will be frantically weaving into a new story. Posted by Son Damien

28 thoughts on “I’m Back and a Roundup of News

    • Thanks Susan 🙂 I’d say I went stir crazy, but I wasn’t aware enough to do that 😉 I’m sick and tired of those emails – they’re increasing exponentially, I’m sure! 😦

    • Sorry to hear that Chris 😦 I didn’t get that result – my ‘unsubscribe’ was just ignored – I guess they’re stepping up their nefarious activities!

  1. Good to see you rallied round, and are in better shape. Once I get organised in the UK a little more, I will take you up on your promo offer. Happy to do the same on, The Virtual Bookcase for you and other authors. 🙂

    • Thanks Glynis 🙂 I’ll look forward to it/ Hope yoou’re settling well 😉 And thanks – I know you have an excellent blog with some very loyal followers! 🙂

  2. Hey Steve! Did I submit Pie for a book highlight? I’m going senile. I can’t remember if I did or not. If I didn’t let me know and by all means, please don’t tell Pie. We will have to fix this as soon as possible. Thanks!

    • Hi Kandy,

      No, I’ve not had anything for a Book Promo Day, or any other feature for Pie 😉 I guess the special “Pie’s thoughts” posts probably pushed the rest aside 🙂

      Cheers, Steve

    • Thanks Abby 🙂

      The Book Promo Day does only cover books, but I was thinking about a similar thing for blogs before I fell ill. I’d certainly like to do something along those lines – say a Blog Browser Day 😉 I’d be happy to lead off on it with an example post, followed by information on how to submit blogs.


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