Not Ignoring Anybody

I am sorry to say that Dad (Steve) is unable to post or reply to messages or comments at the moment due to ill health. 

He should be back soon, with luck, and best wishes are sent for a speedy recovery.


24 thoughts on “Not Ignoring Anybody

    • while all the support is greatly appreciated, I have to say this comment actually made me laugh, and hope it makes dad laugh too.

  1. Hi Damo1701 (Strange name to christen your little bundle of joy, what did the Shaman say about it?)
    Tell your Dad all his books are now displayed in my Blog Bookcases and I need him to check they are in the correct genre (AFTER he’s FULLY recovered, so he can help me CARRY THEM from one bookcase to the other, or get MORE copies to put into multiple shelves)

    • Hi, huge thanks for that. 🙂

      I am sure that when he is back to normal, for him, he will pop onto the comments, and answer people directly 🙂 For now, I post when I am asked 🙂

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