Fantasy & Jen Christopherson – An Author Interview

Jennifer christopherson

Please welcome Fantasy author Jen Christopherson, who tells us about herself, her writing and her books!  And look out for a special treat at the end of her interview!

Hi, Imagineer-ing! Thank you for having me, I’m excited to be here!

When did you first discover the desire to write was so strong in you?

I would say about the fifth grade. The school librarian told me I had read all the books for my grade level and below. I would have to stop reading or go to the public library. My family was not situated for me to go to the public library. My mother told me I had an imagination that just wouldn’t quit, so I decided to write my own stories.

Do you usually write in the same genre you tend to prefer to read?

I love fantasy!!! Reading it, writing it, watching it! I just love it!

When reading, do you prefer traditional printed books or ebooks?

Definitely printed books! I love the feel of them in my hands and the smell of them when you open them. New books have a different smell than older books. I love the smell of really old books!!!! (blush)

Have you been influenced and/or inspired by another writer, or writers?

I don’t read the books because I am not into horror. However, I would like to be the “Stephen King of fantasy” as I call it. Of course, it is a dream and, I figure, the bigger you dream the more you have to look forward to! LOL

Do past or current events in your life have an influence on your writing?

In my humble opinion, I don’t think any fiction writer can honestly answer no to this question. However, I must say past and current events have a major influence on my writing.

Have you got a favourite author, who stands well ahead of all others?

I do not have a favourite author. There are a few that stand out in my mind. Stephen King because of his large collection of books written and his loyal fans! Melanie Rawn (The Ruins of Ambrai) because her writing voice is close to mine.

Tior coverWarrior Crone cover Have you got both printed and digital books published?

Not yet! I have my writing experiment (Tior found on which was published in 2008. I am in the final proofing stage of Warrior Crone, my newest book. I plan to start with the printed books first and add in the digital books later.

Do you try to write to satisfy what is fashionable, or do you write pieces that you would want to read?

I write what I want to read. I don’t know any other way.

How do you fit writing into your life? Do you have set times for writing?

I have no set time to write. I would love to be able to put a schedule on it, however, my imagination doesn’t work that way. I guess I would have to say, “Here and there, really wherever I can!” LOL

Do you keep every jotting of ideas, just in case they might be developed at some later date?

Not EVERY one, but I do keep most of them. I am a hoarder of my ideas!!! LOL I keep pictures because a story can start with a scene. I keep thoughts and ideas because I have found, when I am stuck on where a story needs to go next, I can turn to them.

Do you write freeform or do you faithfully plan every piece meticulously before you start on it?

I write free form. I try to plan sometimes and find the story going in a different direction. I usually like the new direction better.

When writing, most authors now use a computer of some description. Which do you find more satisfying: writing using any means available, using a computer, using a typewriter or using a pen/pencil?

Oh! I definitely prefer my computer. However, my ideas sometimes come to me when I am out and about. Therefore, I keep a notebook and a pen handy (or try to!).

Have you ever been somewhere and discovered a copy of a book that’s extremely difficult to find, and drooled over the discovery?

No. Well, okay. I found a book after looking for it for several years. I had no money to spend on it and stood there, drooling over it. I still don’t have it!

If you’ve had books published in print form, have you ever come across a copy of one of your own books by accident?

I do have a book in print, but I have not come across it accidentally. Unless you count finding it in my mother’s bookshelf…

What is your greatest ambition in writing?

I want to be “The Stephen King of Fantasy Writing”!!! LOL

Where can readers find out more about your works?

My website is where I put links to all my writing, as well as keep updates for current projects.

I am, also, on:


I would like to thank you for having me! I have enjoyed sharing with you.


Book Giveaway

A copy of Warrior Crone, will go free to a random commenter. Each commenter’s name will be put in a basket and Jen’s boyfriend will pick a name blind. First name out wins it!!

NOTE: The giveaway ends on 31st May, 2013!  Comment below for your chance to win!

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33 thoughts on “Fantasy & Jen Christopherson – An Author Interview

  1. When in doubt you have to stand strong in your faith and press forward. Personally i find that she gets better with every interview and as such she may one day be an inspiration to another writer trying to make their debut. Never forget that even the most obscure action has great repercussions and sometimes the writer that is not made famous in their lifetime gains greater fame later on. Look at the great writer Edgar Allen Poe, he sold his books for next to nothing, but now his writing is considered the peak of the horror genre. He is the father of horror, where as Stephen King is the most prolific. I agree that Stephen King has great writing skill and ideas, but I would rather blaze a new frontier than to follow in the footsteps of others. There can never be a truly new frontier in writing, but the point is: Never mistake Quantity for Quality.

      • That is a good point. Everyone just wants to be themselves, but no matter who you are others will compare you to someone they think is close to your personality, skills, etc… No one truly realizes just how much they will compare anything. For example my brother is a few years older than me and went to the sames school i currently attend. From all accounts me and my brother act similar. The problem with that is that I think i act as a mixture between my sister and my brother. One is excessively smart and a bit flighty, while the other is more wise and very down to earth. The point is that we compare people to someone else to see if they measure up. You will always be yourself no matter who you take after, but the comparison will always be there. As Three Doors Down said : “But tell me please, would you one time just let me be myself?” Who can argue with that?

  2. Thank you Jewell! I know you will find it when the time is right.
    Josh, great points, as Steve said, and thank you for your beautiful words! When I read that you thought I may one day be an inspiration to another author, my heart melted!!! That is a wonderful compliment.

  3. I have not forgotten the contest! I have been asked, “When does it end?” I thought, “I dunno.” I had not thought of when it would end. I was so excited about the competition, I forgot about important details such as this! LOL
    The contest will end on May 24th, with the winners being announced right here on the 25th! I will contact the winner to get their information for receiving the book.
    I apologize for not thinking of these things before and announcing them along with the contest! Have fun and good luck!
    Jen Christopherson

    • LOL! Not a problem Jen 🙂 In fact, we collided in the ether – I had just thought about the closing date myself 🙂 I was very naughty and posted a warning that the competition would close on 31st May *blush* I can change that though 😉

      No worries! I should ave thought of it too! :O

      • Did I miss it?!? I could not find a closing date, so I just came up with one! LOL The 31st would be good, except I won’t be doing anything to do with computers or writing on the 1st. I could announce the winner on the fourth of June!!! Do you think that would be better? I am very new at this and you are available to ask! LOL I will leave it up to you, just let me know!!! LOL

      • I was very foolish and only posted on Facebook, Jen 🙂 I see no problem with not making a choice until the 4th June 😉 I just thought it gave more time to get comments in if it ran to the end of the month 🙂 So, if it’s OK with you, I’d stick to 31st May – it holds a certain logic LOL!

  4. I say we go with it!!! I will do what I must do to get it done on my end. How can we change that comment I made about the 24th? Maybe you can put the date in the blog itself somewhere and then delete these comments?!? I am so glad we worked this out!!! 😀

    • No problem 😉 I’ll sort it out 🙂 It’s a good job we both realised what had happened though LOL!


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  5. “Stephen King of Fantasy?”, huh. Stephen King does write fantasy, not only within his ‘horror books’, but “Eyes of the Dragon” is pretty clearly part of the genre. I really don’t get what Jen is trying to say here. There have certainly been very popular fantasy authors in the past if fan response is what she’s alluding to.

    • Hi, Lise!
      Thank you for your comments!
      I know that Stephen King is known by people who don’t read within his genre. It seems the whole world knows of Stephen King, even if they don’t read! His fans are vocal about him and his writing, and there are lots of them. Those are the reasons I chose Stephen King.
      Anne McCaffrey has the same kind of following, but her reputation is mostly in the fantasy realm.
      Edgar Allen Poe is a great example as well, but I would like to be able to respond to my fans…
      I cannot think of others right now, but I know there are many others I could have named. They just didn’t fit what I was trying to say.
      Again, thank you for your comments! 🙂 I am certainly going to do my best to be more clear about this in the future!

      • Poe responds to his fans at all times, simply read his books to bear the thoughts that were within his mind and you will see that he was a true inspiration to the dark romantics/ gothics of the American past. He once sold a compilation for 32 cents and thought that was a fair price for the ramblings of a young man. He also took a swing at some poetry although that is not what he is famed for. Stephen King is good in his own right, but he does not have the raw emotion of horror that Poe did. I would recommend reading The Raven, Masque of the Red Death, and The Pit and the Pendulum. All show you how Poe would be a great man to talk to. He had an interesting life and a tragic one. Perhaps his life was yet another of Shakespeare’s tragedies, written from the Great Beyond.

      • Thank you, Josh. Again a very insightful comment! 🙂 I can tell you enjoy Poe’s writings. It’s not everyday one runs into a Poe fan… Or, at least, I don’t!

      • Poe is absolutely amazing (and I for one enjoy his poetry even more than his prose).

        King ‘doesn’t have the raw emotion’ that Poe does? I’m not sure I’d agree with that one at all. The two come at writing horror from very different angles. Poe was absolutely devoted to evoking emotion, and really helped define the genre. King is much more of a ‘character’ writer – his stories are about how impossible situations affect the individual.

        It’s hard to say how much of the difference is due to the individual writers, and how much is due to the times they wrote in. I think it’s fair to say that we’d never have had a King without a Poe.

  6. Okay! Only a few hours left and I have these names written down. Give me a mad rush to write down after midnight! LOL I have the book, I have the box, I have the return address, what I need is the send address! It could be yours!

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