Special Post: Confused on pricing at Amazon…

I don’t understand why, but it seems that the price on Amazon.com for For the Sake of Mercy is higher on the site than I have quoted in my blog post!  This doesn’t please me, I can promise you.  I could have accepted a reduction, but an increase?  That’s just not what I want to see.  I was very clear in setting the price at $0.99 (USD) but on the author page it quotes $1.16.  I can’t see the price on the actual book page, but can only assume it’s the same.  I assume that Amazon reserves the right to apply any price it chooses, which I take as yet another reason for not being very keen on using them for my ebooks!

I will keep an eye on this, and query it with Amazon.  I doubt that the latter action will produce anything satisfactory.  Nothing I’ve queried with them so far has yielded a result, other than “let’s discuss this on the ‘phone”.  I don’t do ‘phones due to hearing difficulties, which I’ve pointed out, to no avail.

I apologise for this situation and hope that it can be remedied.


Amazon have stated that the price indicated on their website is correct, at $0.99 but anybody viewing the website from outside the USA may see a higher price if local taxes (such as VAT in Britain and Europe) are applicable.  Obviously, there is no way that I can possibly know anything about those taxes!  I assume that similar adjustments would apply to all Amazon national websites if viewed from another country subject to different taxes.  I now wonder whether, in quoting prices, a rider should be added about such things…  Then again, perhaps it’s wiser to not quote prices – ever!

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9 thoughts on “Special Post: Confused on pricing at Amazon…

  1. I’m just guessing that you are looking on a UK Amazon site. I think there may a VAT or a wifi delivery fee that is added onto the Amazon price. Bear in mind in in Australia, hence it’s just a guess.

  2. I have seen a pricing difference over the three Amazon sites that I check my book on – US, Canada, and UK – but get this – I only figured out yesterday that my author central information is only on the US site – Canada doesn’t even seem to offer the option. I would have to put it up all over again for the UK site and I’ve had lots of trouble with uploading a picture to that site. And a book review put up to the Canada site is not seen on Amazon.com or the UK site – the poor reviewer would have to put the review up to each site – how crazy is that! Oh and the US and UK site carry the look inside feature for my book – the Canada site doesn’t. I have no idea why they can’t make information consistent across all the sites. Sorry for going on my own little rant here – think I better do my own post on this issue. Good luck with your pricing issues.

    • Thanks! I think that the tax issue is the problem when I look. I agree! We need consistency. I’ve got a proper author page on the UK site but the US site refuses to let me log in 😦 It would be so much better if the information simply updated from your home country’s site.

      I reckon you could make a good blog post on the whole mess 🙂


  3. Amazon have responded. It IS the case that those outside the US will see the price PLUS any local tax(es) – VAT in my case. I’ll update the post with that information shortly. I feel quite foolish now LOL I say that, but I’m also very touched by the help you have all given – thank you all again! 🙂

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