Robin Leigh Morgan In Her Own Words: An Author Interview

I’m very happy to present an interview with Robin Leigh Morgan!

~ Steve

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When did you first discover the desire to write was so strong in you?

For 11 years, from 1995 – 2006, I wrote almost weekly commentary type items for a community newspaper, which I loved doing; and along the way I started to slowly write a contemporary romance manuscript. However I never sensed it would be good enough to publish.  One day someone suggested I write something for a younger audience, which I did and wound up with my debut YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel in less than a year.

Do you usually write in the same genre you tend to prefer to read?

I seldom get a chance to read, I worked for 33 years with the same employer and had to commute about an hour each way. Now, being retired I’m busy with my writing and marketing/promoting my debut novel. When I have the time I like to read poignant memoirs, such as, And The Whippoorwill Sang by Micki Peluso. Otherwise, to answer your question I would say No to your question. I say this because I’d like to be as original as I can get, and I don’t really want to be influenced by any other writer for fear I might subconsciously write the same thing which had been written by that author.

When reading, do you prefer traditional printed books or ebooks?

I’m old-fashioned when it comes to reading books. I like the feel of a book in my hands rather than some cold electronic device that I must be constantly be concerned about it being charged, or to worry about the sun washing out the image on the screen.

Do past or current events in your life have an influence on your writing?

Generally speaking I would say No, but subconsciously they might.

How did you come up with the title for your book?

I Kissed a Ghost0001 Selecting a title for a book had been a very challenging experience for me; but after racking my brain over it, I decided to merely summarize the premise for the entire story in as few words as possible until I had something which could be used as the title for my book. Hence, since the story is about a girl [Mary] and her kissing the ghost [George] she had living in her house; the story had to be called, I Kissed a Ghost.

Have you got a favourite author, who stands well ahead of all others?

I would have to say I have no favourite author. When I do read, I basically read for the moment. I do admire J K Rowling, and what she’s accomplished with her series of Harry Potter books. Oh, how wonderful it would be if each of us authors could be only 1% as successful.

Have you got both printed and digital books published?

Right now my debut novel is only available in a printed format.

Do you try to write to satisfy what is fashionable, or do you write pieces that you would want to read?

I write what I feel comfortable and satisfied in writing. I wouldn’t feel comfortable writing to merely write what is fashionable because I don’t want to be forced into a position where I’m not being true to myself as an author.

How do you fit writing into your life? Do you have set times for writing?

Being retired has finally allowed me to really start a second career as an author. In addition to having published my first novel, I market and promote it. I now have time to relax, socialize in the nearby community centre at lunch, go shopping, etc. I’ve set my own flexible schedule which includes time for writing my second novel, a yet untitled contemporary romance with a paranormal element running through the storyline. I don’t like having a rigid schedule now, I had enough of one for the 33 plus years I worked nonstop; a schedule which did not really allow me time to pursue my writing career.

Do you keep every jotting of ideas, just in case they might be developed at some later date?  Do you write freeform or do you faithfully plan every piece meticulously before you start on a piece?

If you’re asking me whether I’m a “plotter” or a “panzer”, I’d probably say a little of both. I make a skeleton of an outline, writing down the basic plot points I’d like to hit as the story unfolds; and as a sculptor starting with a wire base of what they’d like to have, I add material, then take some away, I keep on repeating this process until I have finished what I had in mind. I write, write, write and then go back and delete all the unnecessary fluff which doesn’t move the story along and keep the reader interested in what they’re reading and wanting to read more, by creating hooks in the story in, and towards the end of, as many chapters as possible.

When writing, most authors now use a computer of some description. Which do you find more satisfying: writing using any means available, using a computer, using a typewriter or using a pen/pencil?

I find using a computer most satisfying as I can see each word falling into its assigned place in my story. And if something develops as I write, I can instantaneously make a change.  However, I do keep a pen and paper on the night table next to my bed, just in case I wake up in the middle of the night and an idea hits me, which I don’t want to forget.

What is your greatest ambition in writing?

Being able to make the NY Times best sellers listing once in my life.

Finally, where can people find you and your book online?

My book is available on at:   My book is also available on,,, and

If anyone would like to read some unedited snippets from the book, just check out the Ghostly Whispers entries on any of my blog sites: or or [this is also my website]

I can also be found on:
Twitter =
Facebook =
Goodreads =

It has been a pleasure sharing my answers in everyone. I hope you have learned something about me, my writing and my book.

Robin Leigh Morgan

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