Arriving Via Unexpected Means

Some months back, I was kindly given an old Acer Aspire One netbook, running Linpus Linux.  It was my intention to use it for writing when away from my desktop PC.  OK, so it had OpenOffice Write on it, but it was an old version and caused a few problems.  No problem, just update it?  You’d think so, but the previous owner had done as Acer instructed and protected it with a system wide admin password, and had forgotten what the password was!  Every attempt to install new or updated software just met with that password and failed.

Yesterday, I was reading the Jutoh book on my iPhone.  It referred to installing Jutoh on Linux.  When I got home, I investigated further and discovered in Jutoh’s FAQ that a whole section was devoted to installing on this very netbook and OS!  Still with very limited hope, I followed the instructions and, with just a few modifications for differences in folder names, Jutoh actually installed!

A bit more investigating, and I also learnt how to install fonts that weren’t available on the netbook, and I now have a fully functional mobile solution for writing.  I cannot thank Julian Smart of Anthemion Software Ltd (creator of Jutoh) enough!  Not only has his advice on this been immensely useful, he has been enormously patient with my many questions about using Jutoh, most of which have been a consequence of not reading the book/FAQ before asking!

I can now master my writing in Jutoh and know that there won’t be any problems with porting files over from machine to machine.  It’s a fantastic advance!

Oh, by the way, I should point out that I use Dropbox to move files between machines/devices.  It’s a superb method to share files with my PC, netbook, iPhone and iPod Touch, and also with other people!

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An author since the age of 13 years, writing again dominates my activities. My "Imagineer-ing" blog is my primary site. Also: Beginner knitter since November 2010. Favourite knitting techniques: cable and lace. Beginner cross stitcher. Beginner jewellery maker. With the promotion of self publication and all the other work that has been going on here, Dad decided around 2am this morning (22/11/2013) that it was time to begin his next adventure. He was seen off earlier the previous evening by myself, my brother, my sister in law, and my sister, as well as his wife (our mum), and an enigmatic being known only as A Lorraine. After this time of story telling, laughing, crying, joking and mickey taking, we saw how tired both mum and dad were, and we decided to leave them under the (sometimes) gentle care of The Lorraine. When Dad found the timetable for his travels, he let Mum know gently, which woke her from her drowsing, then, with the same gentleness he showed in this universe, he boarded his favourite mode of transport, the Interdimensional Steam Train, and set off with a smile and a wave. For those of us closest, that smile was a reminder that his pain has ended, and the wave, an indicator that he will pop in to all those that knew him, from time to time. Usually at the most inconvenient and in opportune moments he can. While we are sad that he is no longer here, we are happy he now has no pain, and is experiencing more extraordinary things that his writers mind will be frantically weaving into a new story. Posted by Son Damien

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